Lloyd Center

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Lloyd Center is a shopping center and centerpiece of the Lloyd District. It opened in 1960 as an open-air shopping mall.

Old school Portlandians who have yet to drink enough to forget may recall an infernal jingle for a local shopping mall broadcast over Portland's corporate-owned airwaves in days of yore. A mere three words, "Lloyd Center's fun," warbled with conviction, still reverberate through the overburdened minds of a presumed handful of aging locals.

The jingle aimed to convince shoppers, truants, cruisers, luisers and assorted mall rats to quit the déclassé strip malls and come hang out were the action is. With a cinema, upper and lower decks, an ice rink and other fine amenities, Lloyd Center is, indeed, "fun." Or at least more fun than the strip mall or the 7-Eleven, although less spectacular than 9-Eleven.

Links to old photographs of Lloyd Center