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Occupy Portland Library - The Early Days
9 October 2011: Volunteers enjoy an expanding selection of reading material in Occupy Portland's camp library.

Library News

Did you know that Occupy Portland has a library?!

A large and varied collection of books and documents [and growing]. An archive of Occupy Portland materials is also in the works.

Lauren and Mark are doing a fabulous job. Stop by and browse our growing collection of books, 'zines, pamphlets and other informational and reading resources.

Also, the library is where you can sign up to lead a workshop. I am doing one on Wednesday, for example, on Tax Policy as Class War. (Did you know that 1/2 the income in this country is not taxed?)

So add to this wiki page anything having to do with the library.


See a calendar of Library-sponsored Workshops [1]

Oct 27, 2011

The library now has 1100 items! The collection is amazingly varied, including a large group of children's books. We are looking for more materials, especially on politics, economics, and law.

Workshops continue and our experience is that the those participating are from every walk of life and from all ages. The one thing everyone seems to have in common is a desire to learn about and discuss those issues around which Occupy Portland was conceived. This is a "people's college".