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New Year's Eve! | Friday | December 31, 2010

Office gossip.

Suction For Life
Are you a gossip hound? Do you like to eavesdrop on stray bits of chitchat that swirl around you? Well, today is your lucky end-of-the-year day! Now you can document the li'l tidbits that catch your ear.[1] Here's today's aural captive:
(Two women exit a hospital emergency room and walk towards our gossip hound.)
Woman 1: So I said someone better get in there and suction him before he dies...
Woman 1: ... because I sure ain't gonna do it!

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Thursday | December 30, 2010


Thug World Order
Lookin' to get an early start on New Year's partying this eve of New Year's Eve? How 'bout some hip-hop straight outta Cleveland? Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony appear tonight at Berbati's Pan. This Mike Thrasher Presents show also features Tragedy and Mikey Vegaz. Show starts at 8:00 p.m. at Berbati’s Pan; $25.00 advance, $30.00 day of show; All Ages!

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Wednesday | December 29, 2010

Portland Farmers Market

Food Foragers Frequently Favor Farm Fresh Feasts
Portland's farmers markets attracted 700,000 food shoppers this past year, up from 620,000 in 2009. In addition to opening new markets at Pioneer Courthouse Square and on Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland Farmers Market doubled the size of its Portland State University location. Portland Farmers Market closed for the season on December 17th and reopens on Saturday, March 19, 2011.

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Tuesday | December 28, 2010

Pilogorobics[2] at the Joy Adventure Club.

Spreading Holiday Joy With The Joy Team
Do life's little aches and pains--like endless wars, predator drones, bailed out Wall Street casinos, CIA torturers, chronic unemployment, teabagger takeover of Congress, more bad news from WikiLeaks and whatnot--leave you feeling a bit less than chipper every now and then? Take heart! A cabal of area business interests feel your pain and are ready and willing to step up to the plate and thrust out a helping hand. Who? Why, it's The Joy Team of course!

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Monday | December 27, 2010

Typical yellow pages-type print ad.

Yellow Pages Replaced By "Google Pages"?
Heck, who even uses a land line anymore? And even those of us who do, the last thing we want kicking around our living spaces is that huge, ugly, unwieldy telecom-age dinosaur: the yellow pages directory. Unfortunately, countless main street businesses operating in their local communities once depended on the print ads they ran their local yellow pages directory to drive new business. Although most "mom & pop" shops hated to do it, they would often agree to pay outrageously exorbitant rates the directories charged in fear of the business they'd lose to their competitors if they refused. But the overall usefulness of yellow pages ads has steadily declined for nearly a decade, with few viable alternatives in sight.[3][4] Until now?

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Sunday | December 26, 2010

Put the "hip" back into zip codes.

What's Your Zip Code?
Sure, the post office is largely an anachronism; hardly anyone remembers how to address an envelope, much less actually mail a card or letter. But this post-Christmas, why not express your gratitude for all the gifts you received by actually mailing your thank-you cards, rather than simply blasting out a quick email, text message, Twitter or Facebook post? To see if you're ready for such a dramatic leap into the unknown, try answering this simple riddle: What is your zip code?

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Christmas Day | Saturday | December 25, 2010

Post-Consumer Christmas

Merry Post-Consumer Christmas!
Sure, spiritually bereft, mindless consumerism is a Christmas tradition as American as apple pie and preemptive air strikes. But as "Western Society" descends into post-enlightenment neofeudalism,[5] and shakes off over-consumption in favor of finance industry-coerced "austerity" for the bottom 98%, Portland's "post-consumer advocate" has a plan. Thriftilicious! Merry Christmas Everybody!

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Christmas Eve! | Friday | December 24, 2010

Ruling Nerds of Portland

Why Portland Rules On Eve Of Christmas Eve
Do you find your holiday bliss "hacking away" on your favorite "open source social network project"? Do you and your friends passionately toil away in frequent and unpaid "spontaneous hack sessions" and similar "Nerdouts" in the darkened confines of a former flophouse cum "Coolest Hotel In America"? Can't abide Hummers, or the idiots who drive them? Yes? Then you already understand the secret to "Why Portland Rules (if you're a nerd)."

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Thursday | December 23, 2010

Coal wind.

Local Right-Wing "Think Tank" Labels Renewable Energy Efforts A "Failure"
"White paper" published by Cascade Policy Institute says Portland and Oregon "have failed miserably" in pursuing ambitious renewable energy targets. The paper's authors suggest that the city and state "should stop trying." At least one Cascade Policy Institute critic points out that the particular formulations of "individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity" promoted by the institute are similar or identical to agendas commonly favored among large business interests and wealthy individuals. Also noted is the apparent irony of how notions like "free markets and limited government," as promoted by organizations like Cascade Policy Institute, often translate into support for "billions in pork-ridden expenditure, insurance mandates, heavy-handed central planning initiatives, property seizures..., metastatic bureaucracy at local, state and federal levels and massive expansions in law enforcement."[6]

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Wednesday | December 22, 2010

No "melting pot" for Somali refugees?

Are Somali Immigrants To U.S. "Different"?
"The first big wave of Somali immigrants came to the U.S. after the Mogadishu government collapsed in 1991, fleeing what became the most chaotic nation on Earth.... Somalis who settled in...the U.S. were war refugees, with little money and not many job skills.... (They're) among the "youngest and poorest" newcomers to the U.S...." Why does integration "have less to do with religion, and more to do with culture and income, than today's Islamophobes...care to admit"?

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Tuesday | December 21, 2010

Bingo and bourbon at The Woods.

Former Sellwood Funeral Parlor Is Where "Quiet Is The New Loud"
Q: Where can you sip bourbon and play bingo at the same time?
A: At former Sellwood funeral parlor, The Woods, "where quiet is the new loud."

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Go to bingo page: Bingo and Bourbon, with Brian Perez is on Facebook

Monday | December 20, 2010

Peace, Love, Unity, Understanding. And, uh, no more bomb plots or flaming soda bottles, please.

Peace, Love, Unity & Understanding Fills Pioneer Square
"A few hundred people" gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square early Sunday afternoon to participate in a peace rally dubbed "A Call for Love and Understanding: Responding to Violence with Unity." The event was organized by more than two dozen faith-based organizations including the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon. Portland's Living Room was the site of an alleged bomb plot on November 26, 2010. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year-old Corvallis resident, was arrested for wanting to set off a bomb during the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony happening in the Square that evening. The Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center was the apparent target of someone who tossed a flaming plastic soda bottle full of gasoline into the mosque on Nov. 28, 2010.

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Sunday | December 19, 2010

Awesome folks hanging out at awesome Pioneer Courthouse Square awesomely.

Pioneer Square Is Like Totally Awesomely The Bomb!
Tanya I asks: "Awesome places to hang out in portland oregon?"
Matt E answers: "i like to go to pioneer square..."
Anndra agrees: "yeah pioneer square is pretty awesome..."
Sara suggests: "Go to travelportland.com/visitors You can see a whole bunch of stuff."

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Saturday | December 18, 2010

Making it in Oregon.

Study Highlights Importance Of International Trade In Portland's Economy
"The International Trade Study[7] reveals that 470,000 Oregon jobs are associated with exporting and importing activities in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. Portland-metro accounts for 268,000 of those jobs. Additionally, the study says that workers in export-oriented firms earn between 9 and 18 percent more than their counterparts in non-export-oriented firms..."

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Friday | December 17, 2010

Claus the dog.

"Claus is a nice young boy looking for his furever home. He came to OHS through (Oregon Humane Society's) Second Chance program from Merced County Animal Control. Claus is a very happy and loving boy who can be overwhelmed in new situations. Once he feels secure he will reward you with his kisses and fun-loving nature. Are you interested in a small dog that enjoys going on walks then cuddling up on the couch, why not come down and meet Claus?"

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Thursday | December 16, 2010

Happy Portlandians love to read.

Do You Read, Or Know Someone Who Does?
Do you or that someone you know ever feel "Portland-Curious"? Or do you just want to expand your personal library by another nine Portland-oriented books? Well, it's your lucky day! Portland's Neighborhood Notes has got nine "must-read" suggestions for you.

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Wednesday | December 15, 2010

Licensed to pour?

Liquor License Required To Drive Food Cart Booze Sales
Are you longing for the good ol' "three martini lunch" days, but a paucity of time and loose change forces you to stumble over to the nearest food cart for lunch? Take heart! Portland food cart operators feel your pain and are applying for the licenses necessary to fill you with spirits.
Go to story: Food cart owners eye possibility of liquor licenses, as Portland and Oregon officials hash out a plan

Tuesday | December 14, 2010

Rose City Rollers

New "Fresh Meat" Rose City Rollers Roll In As Veterans Roll Out
"Shiny new bright skaters: Awnry O’Hulligan joined GNR, and the Heathers drafted Teqkill’ya, White Flight, Shame Girl, and Uff-Da. Recent departures: GNR lost Cher the Pain, Axl Blows, and Knocker Brown to retirement. The Heathers are losing Viagrra Falls, and the skater formerly known as Mick U Cry is now skating for the Wheels of Justice only as Mick Swagger. Rhea Derange is also going travel team only, and Rose the Rioter said goodbye. The High Rollers have been standing pat since September. Big changes are afoot this week as the Fresh Meat draft is coming up on Thursday."

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Monday | December 13, 2010

Let them eat green jelly beans.

Green Consumerism: Let Us Count The Logic Flaws
It's no secret that ever since we humans domesticated ourselves (organizing ourselves into "civilizations," for instance), we've embarked on a one-way trip to self-extinction. This is made most obvious, perhaps, by the clever little gadgets we invent: nuclear weapons, automobiles, robotic warfare, "free market" economics, frankenfoods,[8] Nazi gas chambers and many, many others. But sometimes it's the mundane "little things" like "green consumerism," as TreeHugger.com points out, that makes our sad fate most obvious. Happy holidays.

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Sunday | December 12, 2010

Wall Street vs. Main Street

More Wall Street Bonus Equivalents Diverted To Oregon Mortgage Payment Assistance Program
As reported by PortlandWikiNewsLeaks last Friday, the Oregon Mortgage Payment Assistance Program has cleverly found a way to divert cash payout equivalents normally reserved for the filthy rich to aid struggling Oregon mortgage defraudees. According to Jolynne Ash at www.portlandmyway.com, "Oregon has $220 million dollars to assist homeowners facing foreclosure with making their monthly payments. Qualifying applicants will be chosen at random and may receive mortgage payment assistance of up to $20,000. Applications will only be accepted between December 10 and January 14, 2011 so act now and spread the word." If the figure of $220 million in available assistance is accurate (up from $100 million, as reported on Friday), the number of Wall Street Bonus Equivalents (WSBE) available to assist struggling victims of Wall Street's mortgage fraud has risen from 1 to 2 & 1/5 (assuming an average $100 million bonus for each Wall Street derivatives trader).

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Saturday | December 11, 2010

Imagine Greenway

Imagine A Whole Lot More
Portland City Commissioner, Nick Fish muses that "you may have noticed an undeveloped wedge of land between I-84 and I-205. Instead, imagine an oasis of greenery, trails, and recreation activities." But why stop imagining there? After all, didn't Barney the Purple Dinosaur urge folks to "use your imaginations"? Imagine replacing the ugly and dangerous I-84 and I-205 highways with delightful light rail trains and bike paths filled with joyous bicyclists. Imagine all that yukky edge city, suburban and exurban sprawl morphing into healthy, sustainable ecovillages. Imagine there's no hell below us; above us only sky. And can you imagine all the people sharing all the world? Or "someday" when the world will "live as one"?

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Friday | December 10, 2010

Wall Street kingpin.

TOTAL SHOCKER!! One Wall Street Bonus Check Diverted To Bail Out 5000 Delinquent Oregon Mortgage Defraudees!
What will that unfortunate derivatives trader tell his or her family? What if your $100 million bonus check was suddenly snatched away from you just before Christmas and you were forced to make ends meet on nothing but your utterly inadequate seven figure salary!?! Can't those shiftless Oregon deadbeats just cower graciously in a tent city, abandoned sports stadium or squalid homeless shelter and stop grasping so greedily for the hard-earned gratuities that Wall Street traders, corporate executives and other captains of "free enterprise" so richly deserve?

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Go to homeless shelter: Oregon Homeless Shelters: "With the recession in Oregon, many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Many waiting lists are very long."

Thursday | December 9, 2010

HAP's Elizabeth Trinh.

Interview: Public Servant & Bike Pusher
Elizabeth Trinh first became a part of the Holiday Bike Drive when she began signing up participants at the Housing Authority of Portland. Now she volunteers for the Community Cycling Center's Holiday Bike Drive, and translates bicycle safety materials into Vietnamese. Her efforts "have greatly enhanced" the organization's "ability to reach more families more effectively."

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Wednesday | December 8, 2010

Working spy.

Carefully Crafted Jobs Program For Imprisoned Spies Squashed By Authorities
Nathan Nicholson, the son of the highest ranking CIA officer ever to be sentenced for espionage, just wanted to help his imprisoned father reestablish his spying career. "Daddy spy"--Harold James "Jim" Nicholson--is currently serving a 283-month (23-year) sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Sheridan, Oregon after pleading guilty in 1997 to spying for Russia. The younger Nicholson--who pleaded guilty last year to helping his father restart his spying career--was sentenced Tuesday to probation and community service "for continuing his jailed father's espionage activities."
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Tuesday | December 7, 2010

Brain meltdowns. Courtesy the cell tower near you?

Will Cell Phone Microwaves Really Fry Your Brain?
Find out for yourself. You can participate in a cell tower follow-up meeting today:

Tuesday, December 7th from 7 to 8 at SE Uplift.
Location: 3534 SE Main St. (SE Main Street, between SE 35th Avenue & SE 36th Avenue), Portland, OR 97214.

This meeting will focus on getting organized and creating working groups around the many issues facing us when cell towers are placed in neighborhoods.

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Monday | December 6, 2010

Portland Streetcar to NW 23rd Ave.

Fuel Tax For Public Transit: Fund Robust Public Transit & Reduce Motor Vehicle Use
Unlike current funding schemes for public transportation, funding for road construction and maintenance doesn't rely on payroll taxes and high fares (the equivalent to road tolls). "Instead, the funding mechanisms for these come primarily from general fund sources (city/county property taxes), fees (construction assessments, license/registration fees), and fuel taxes--a kindasorta user fee..." Is there a better way? How would Portland benefit if riders had access to quality, frequent and fare-free public transportation?

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Sunday | December 5, 2010

Carbon cycle.

A New Low For Portland, But It's A Good One!
In 1993 the City of Portland became the first local government in the United States to adopt a plan to reduce carbon emissions. Last week Portland City Council received Year One Progress Report from the City of Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for Portland and Multnomah County's Climate Action Plan.

The report finds that Portland and Multnomah County have made substantial progress in carrying out the actions identified in the plan. Local emissions have dropped 15 percent since 2000, sharply countering the national trend. Despite rapid population growth, local greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 were two percent below 1990 levels, the baseline year referenced in the Kyoto Protocol. On a per-capita basis, emissions in Multnomah County have fallen by 20 percent since 1990.

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Go to Climate Action Plan: Portland Climate Action Plan "Portland Climate Action Now!"

Saturday | December 4, 2010

Clean Coal

Boardman Buys Itself Another Decade
Oregon regulators are endorsing Portland General Electric's plan to close its coal-fired power plant at Boardman by Dec. 31, 2020. The state Department of Environmental Quality says Boardman's guaranteed "early closure date" lets it off the hook for investing in expensive new pollution controls. The Boardman plant opened in 1977.

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Friday | December 3, 2010

"Think Big, Publish Widely"

Memo To Confidential Document Writers: "Think Big"
WikiLeaks, the publisher of "leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct," continues to help confidential document writers find wider audiences. PortlandWiki contributor and wiki inventor, Ward Cunningham, observes that "the authors of diplomatic dispatches thought that they were talking to a small audience, not the world." Cunningham adds "I'm proud of the fact that wiki has given a voice to new authors."

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Thursday | December 2, 2010

Bursting the bubble house.

Blowing Bubbles
PortlandWikiNews is shocked! just shocked! to discover that communities--like Portland and Las Vegas--which supposedly "benefited" in the (now disgraced and deflated) housing bubble have taken some of the worst economic hits after the bubble's inevitable burst. According to University of Oregon economics professor Tim Duy, "in late 1980s and early 1990s, manufacturing was really important, particularly high-tech manufacturing. But in this last decade, it was all about housing." Ironically, in this most recent economic crash, "rust belt" manufacturing hubs like Detroit have fared relatively well compared to cities like Portland or Las Vegas, which experienced real estate speculation and were thus deeply affected by the bursting housing bubble.

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Wednesday | December 1, 2010

Mt. Angel Brewing Company Root Beer

We've All Gotta Die Someday
Yup. Even you. But before you die, Portland Octopus urges you to try Mt. Angel Brewing Company's root beer.
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