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Sunday | October 31, 2010

"I am not a witch."

Happy Halloween!
Are "scary" Tea Party candidates sending voters running back into the arms of the Democratic Party? Despite $1.7 billion spent on TV ads that "Republican and Tea Party candidates are streaming now all over America," it's the "Halloween theme" that is "doing more to turn off voters than turning them on to the Republican's ultra-conservative message." For instance, the "I am not a witch" message put out by Delaware's Tea Party candidate, Christine O’Donnell, "is viewed by political analysts as one of the strangest ever."

Go to story: Democratic comeback “scares” GOP as election nears

Saturday | October 30, 2010

OMG!!! Scary sockpuppet!

Right-wing blogger denounces "glossy election porn" while shilling for dens of iniquity. Meanwhile other right-wing astro turfers for the Prison Industrial Complex "were indicted Tuesday on accusations they forged voter signatures on two initiative petitions." Isn't it more intelligent to say "to hell with gambling casinos and more prisons" and vote for Voter-Owned Elections?

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Friday | October 29, 2010

Donkey delivery services.

How long does it take mail to go from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon?
Question: If I put an envelope in a mailbox in San Francisco at like 9:30 on Thursday night, when will it arrive at its destination in Portland, Oregon? (asked by "justcoollikedat")
Best answer: "one week" (answered by "xtina")

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Thursday | October 28, 2010

Loose cannon.

Cops In "The Other Portland" Drop Their Weapons
Police in Portland, Maine raised eyebrows after their sniper rifles began shooting all by themselves. A police training video shows the Remington 700 rifles -- "a mainstay for the U.S. military, law enforcement and gun enthusiasts" -- firing "when the trigger was not being pulled." Not realizing the weapons system's "loose cannon-like" behavior was a "feature" rather than a defect, Police Chief James Craig said "I don't want to run the risk of having an accidental discharge" that could soil an officer's pants or put a "community member's life in danger."

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Wednesday | October 27, 2010

Republican Party Campaign Flyer Freakout!
GOP operatives work so hard and get so little respect. It's not easy slathering thick wads of sleazy pro-corporate lucre everywhere just to buy up an election or two. But that's nothin'! Throwing elections and lining the Supreme Court with hand-picked corporate quislings is a messy, thankless chore. That's why it's just so upsetting when the public gets in the way. Like when an errant teacher's union flyer finds its way into a kindergartener's school folder. These types of shenanigans show blatant disrespect of one's societal betters. Jeez! I'd make a Federal case outta that kinda nonsense too. Wouldn't you?

Go to story: Union flyer found in student's folder upsets GOP

Tuesday | October 26, 2010

Unthank thankful.

Unthank Park's Upgrade: A Thankless Task Thanked
A resourceful City Commissioner manages to thrust two thankful thumbs upwards, expressing "thanks" to "our Parks maintenance staff" for the park's new "facelift."

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Go to park page: DeNorval Unthank Park

Monday | October 25, 2010

South Waterfront: Urban wasteland and ideal film prop.

Secret Revealed: South Waterfront Is Actually Portland's Most Overpriced Film Prop
And you thought South Waterfront was merely "a highrise wasteland of condos no one lives in." But for "budgetless" film directors "it’s a filmmaker’s dream." Why? If you "want to film a scene with a skyscraper environment without the hassles of random people interrupting your shot" the "very deadness of SoWat makes it (an) ideal (location). You’ve got skyscrapers, busses, the streetcar, the tram, the river. And now there’s even a really cute park. It all feels pretty generic.... It could be any city."

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Sunday | October 24, 2010

Root of all evil.

Oregon Woman Seeks Out "Lives To Change"
Presses evil roots into hapless hands of unsuspecting, disconcerted "changelings."

Go to story: Woman seeks to change lives with $100 a day

Saturday | October 23, 2010

Uncooped chicosaur.

Playin' Chicken
Portland "authorities" will let you keep three hens. Where are you gonna put that fowl li'l harem? A stylin' chicken coop, of course!

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Friday | October 22, 2010

Yo Homie! It's EZ Being Green!

Yo Homie! It's EZ Being Green!
Sure, the Environmental Protection Agency paddled Portland General Electric on the bum bum earlier this month to punish the utility for the coal-fired air pollution its Boardman plant inflicts on breathing life forms. Despite these sins, the City of Portland managed to crawl onto "EPA's elite list of Green Power Communities for the city's extensive efforts to reduce its carbon footprint."

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Thursday | October 21, 2010

Public-private leadership council.

Takin' Care Of Business And Workin' Overtime
"Leadership Council" frets that "Portland's hyper-pluralistic decision-making process" may disrupt public development schemes, concocted behind "closed doors," to lure "private investment." Proposes "Community Investment Initiative" to "overcome a uniquely Portland roadblock."

Go to story: Reserves used as template for investment Leadership Council idea

Wednesday | October 20, 2010

Barack Does Bridge City

Barack Does Bridge City
As the President rolls through Portland today, the burning question on the tip of every Portlandian's wagging tongue is: "Does Obama support U.S. Predator Drone Bombing Policy (USPDBP) in his Heart of Hearts (HoH)? Or is this kind of depraved folly the product of a Spiritually Dead National Security Policy (SDNSP) imposed by Nefarious Deep State Forces (NDSF) that infest the Wretched Bowels of the National Security State (WBNSS)?" Enquiring minds want to know!

Go to story: Pakistan, Afghanistan on Obama's agenda

Tuesday | October 19, 2010

When the Timbers were away, the Beavers could play.

Timbers Ready To Chop Down Some Trees!
But wait! Wasn't that the Beavers' job!?!

Go to story: Major League Soccer Expansion: Portland Timbers Sign Four Players

Monday | October 18, 2010

Shoes with a "smaller footprint."

Are You Stumbling Over Your Own Clown-Sized Feet?
Take heart! Chinese footware giant Li-Ning has established a "foothold" in Portland. Centuries of tradition practically guarantees wearers a "smaller footprint."

Go to story: Move over Carbon Footprint. The Chinese have landed in Portland to introduce a smaller footprint for runners.

Sunday | October 17, 2010

Beavers to migrate out of Beaver State.

Portland Beavers Will Migrate To More "Southerly Regions"
A Portland institution since 1903, the triple-A team is pawned off to a San Diego-based baseball executive.

Go to story: Portland Beavers Sold To San Diego Padres' Owner

Saturday | October 16, 2010

Christians and the beast.

North Portland's Roughriders Persecute Christian Royalty
"It didn't take long for the bigger and stronger Roosevelt Roughriders to jump in front of the Portland Christian Royals in a non league football game Friday night..."

Go to story: Roosevelt Roughriders run over Portland Christian in Oregon football

Friday | October 15, 2010

Bungling Burgling Shrub

Setback For Green Economy: Shrub Man Gets Clipped
Maybe he should've disguised himself as a museum piece to pull off a heist at the yard & garden center.

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Thursday | October 14, 2010

Have you hosed your Standpipe today?

The Glen Jackson Bridge's Standpipe System Serves An Honorable & Noble Purpose
Did you know that standpipes "basically serve the same purpose as fire hydrants and are used by fire personnel to supply water to remote locations." Neither did PortlandWiki's NewsEditorBOT (NEbot) until it stumbled upon the Fire Blog.

Go to story: Station 12 Tests Glen Jackson Bridge's Standpipe System

Wednesday | October 13, 2010

Kayse Jama

Killing Robo Elections In Three Easy Steps
1. Unplug your TV.
2. Disconnect your phone.
3. Plug in Voter-Owned Elections.

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Tuesday | October 12, 2010

Ecological suicide! Thoughtfully provided by motorized lemmings.

Onramp To Oblivion
The milepost just ahead: one billion vehicles on the beleaguered planet's roads. By 2020 traffic accidents will be the third biggest cause of "death and disease" worldwide. That's above war, violence, and "self-inflicted injuries." Traffic fatalities are still the leading cause of death for U.S. children.

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Monday | October 11, 2010

"Wear sky blue" advises Dr. Maya Angelou.

Celebrate Community Healing Days: October 15, 16, and 17, 2010
Portland's African American community is invited to take part in the second annual Community Healing Days, a multi-day and multi-venue celebration that aims to heal the community from "lies that have been told to us and lies we've told ourselves."

Go to story: Community Healing Days Celebration Oct. 15-17

Sunday | October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Global Work Party: Find an Event Near You

Today Is 350.org's 10/10/10 Global Work Party Day.
People all over the world are joining together to demonstrate how humans can find ways to live more gracefully with our planet. Get to work building the change we want to see in our communities, from planting forests to installing wind and solar power generation facilities on schoolhouses to digging a community garden.

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Saturday | October 9, 2010

Fierce baby cougar.

Terrifying Baby Cougar Spotted At Zoo
Suddenly appearing without warning, the cub and its mother, a Washington cougar named Chinook, hadn't been seen in public since the cub's birth last month.

Go to story: Cute alert: Oregon Zoo shows off baby cougar

Friday | October 8, 2010

Find out where your job was "off-shored" with Job Tracker.

Where Did Corporate Kingpins Move Your Job?
Find out with Working America's "Job Tracker."

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Go to job tracker: Job Tracker

Thursday | October 7, 2010

City of Boardman: Got mountaintops? We've got mountaintop removal gear!

EPA Mails Warning Letter To Eco-Terrorists
Environmental Protection Agency's letter "gives (Portland General Electric) 30 days to meet with agency staff and outline the steps it will take to bring (PGE's hazardous coal-fired power plant in Boardman) into compliance." Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) continues "negotiating."

Go to story: EPA says Boardman Coal Plant Violates Clean Air Law

Wednesday | October 6, 2010

Every day is a great walk or bike to school day.

To Heck With All That "Talk Like A Pirate" Nonsense, It's...
International Walk and Bike to School Day! Woo Hoo!

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Tuesday | October 5, 2010

Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show, October 9-10, 2010.

Yo PDX Bike Snobs! Wanna see what real bicycles are made of?
If so, you might consider attending the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend.

Go to story: Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show, October 9-10, 2010.

Monday | October 4, 2010

Use your words...passionately.

Wordstock: Portland, Oregon, October 7-10.
Get passionate about words, and the hallucinations humans attach to them.

Go to story: Wordstock, 4 Days of Passionate Discussions, Books and Authors, Portland, Oregon, October 7-10

Sunday | October 3, 2010

Vikings pillage Idaho State's Bengals.

Vikings Peel Idaho Potatoes In Hillsboro
"Vikings established their potent offensive attack on their first drive of the game."

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Saturday | October 2, 2010

Portland Metro Region Home To More Than Eighty-Five Wind And Solar Energy Firms
"State and local governments have played an active role in attracting and developing ('green' energy) sectors through a myriad of incentives and assistance."

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Friday | October 1, 2010

"Moving away from a highly materialistic age."

House Sales Sink While Unemployment Stays Buoyant
But that hasn't stopped the crime lords in banking and finance from putting your family on foreclosure's fast track, now has it? What to do? DYI: Build your own shelter with locally-made, lego-like "green" bricks similar to those the Europeans used "after World War II to rebuild Europe and use all of the waste and rubble." It's all part of an "historic shift" and "reordering of priorities," says the green brick maker, who "hope(s) it's permanent and we're moving away from a highly materialistic age."

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