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Welcome to PortlandWiki

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Welcome to sunny Portland!

PortlandWiki is an up-and-coming city wiki for Portland, Oregon that you are invited to contribute to! A city wiki (or civic wiki) is a website about a town, city or region that is built and maintained by its community. PortlandWiki welcomes content contributions and editorial assistance from anyone interested in building an outstanding knowledge base and community resource for the Rose City.

PortlandWiki aims to represent the "Voice of Portland" by providing a citizen-generated news and information resource, a knowledge "hub" and historical archive for Portland, Oregon and our surrounding region. This project is new and encourages your participation! So what are you waiting for? Start typin' and add your voice: register an account, explore, and add anything you think is useful. You can also click "edit" to make improvements without logging in, if you like. Then come back often and see what others have added.

PortlandWiki grows and thrives with your input. You are invited to participate in one of our PortlandWiki "edit parties" every Monday evening. Check out our Monday Meets page to find out when and where you can attend the next one. As participation grows in size and diversity, PortlandWiki becomes more interesting, useful and fun!

PortlandWiki turns one year old on September 28, 2010. By contributing to this web site, you have a wonderful opportunity to add your "voice" to this unique community resource. We look forward to building this wiki with you! Getting together with others to work on PortlandWiki is a great way to discuss contribution ideas, get help with figuring out "wiki text," and have fun! We also discuss PortlandWiki at WikiWednesdays, which are also free and open to anyone. Come on by and join PortlandWiki's unique community of knowledge resource builders!

Tell us how you found out about PortlandWiki!

Places to go near Portland

Long Beach, Washington: Convenient Portland getaway and home to the "world's largest frying pan."

Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and the Pacific Coast are all within a two hour drive from Portland. These are all great places to be during the few months of the year when it is not raining. (Basically, July 4th - October 4th.) And they're also great places to visit during Cascadia's wet months. And don't forget about Oxbow Regional Park. According to PortlandWiki News, it's "a wonderful place to raise your homeless family"!

Things to see in Portland

Horse spotting! Just one of many fun activities you can do in Portland!

Start Downtown and visit the Ground Kontrol for a great experience for the kids, at any age, or drop by the Living Room Theater to check out a show. If you are not into movies and want a cool hangout, drop by Backspace.

The first week of the month offers First Thursday. Head towards Fareless Square for many galleries, then onward to the Portland Police Historical Museum for historical events known as the start of the Portland State University campus.


Things to do in Portland

Gargle some holy water. Single bowl Benson Bubbler on corner of NW Couch St & NW 18th Ave. Near entrance of Saint Mary's Cathedral, Portland.

Monday Meet May 3 2010.JPG
Kotra, Mark and Ward wrangle wild wikis at Backspace Cafe.



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Getting Involved With PortlandWiki

Please visit one or more of the links below to find out more about how you can help build PortlandWiki.

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  • Community Portal - Where we discuss what is needed to make PortlandWiki succeed.
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  • Administrators - Names of some of PortlandWiki's more active admins, what they do, and how to contact PortlandWiki.
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