PortlandWiki:Library meeting 2012-01-31

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Topics to cover

  1. What PortlandWiki is / presentation
    Portland Wiki is a repository of knowledge for the Portland Metro area. Our aim is to represent the Voice of Portland by providing a citizen-generated news, information resource, knowledge hub and historical archive for Portland, Oregon and surrounding region.
    • history
      • PortlandWiki began in September 2009 and is administered by several of its creators. It is a completely volunteer operation. (See An Introduction to PortlandWiki).
    • popular pages
    • number of edits (25,388), pages (6,068), editors (registered accounts - 487; active editors - 0), visitors ()
    • WikiStatistics
  2. How to partner with library
    • Library portal that anyone can update
      • library events (like Occupy Portland Events)
      • library news (original or automatically pulled from Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, etc)
      • map/listing of all branches
      • etc
      • staff and patrons alike could update and edit all content, fostering better communication
    • Library could turn to PortlandWiki administrators for any of their wiki questions and needs, we have knowledge and expertise
    • Could use PortlandWiki as a platform for collaborative editing as an educational tool
    • Could use PortlandWiki as a platform for any documentation or document building that needs to be open to public input
  3. Hosting (if it comes up)
    • As a volunteer-driven, open community resource, PortlandWiki would be a great match for being hosted by the library system
    • Examples and experiences of other civic wikis that have been hosted by their local library system (ArborWiki & CantonWiki)
    • Server requirements