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Show PortlandWiki some love.

We love PortlandWiki and know you do too! PortlandWiki is one of the best and biggest civic wikis in the U.S. thanks to the amazing contributions of people like you. Over the past 2 1/2 years, PortlandWiki has amassed thousands of pages and photos about Portland neighborhoods, entertainment, coffee shops, community activities and all the interesting and wacky things that make this a cool place to live.

PortlandWiki exists and thrives only because of your contributions. And because we've become a reliable and successful community resource, we find that PortlandWiki is in need of additional support. We need more server space to meet current and future growth, along with our continual need for MediaWiki-specific tech support. Over the past several months we have investigated a variety of private and public support options. While a few of them seemed promising, we have been unable to find a local business or organization that meets the needs of all.

Please consider supporting PortlandWiki through a one-time, monthly or annual contribution. All contributors (unless they opt out on WePay) will be recognized on the Keep Portland Wiki support page. We will also keep you updated on upcoming PortlandWiki activities, events and news.

Value PortlandWiki? Please drop a few bucks in the jar for PortlandWiki's server costs and other necessary infrastructure.

Thanks for your support!

Your friendly PortlandWiki Volunteer Admin Team


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