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Portland could greatly improve internet delivery to its citizens by deploying a community-owned broadband network. Other American cities have done this successfully, and now enjoy faster internet at lower prices than communities--like Portland--that must obtain service from monopolistic or oligopolistic corporations.[1]

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USTelecom wants to block expansion of popular networks in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina
Google has been instructing Portlanders to “do cool things that matter” as they gradually trickle into town like slow water torture. Executive Kevin Rose, who has the honor of being personally protested by San Francisco’s anti-tech movement, just bought an 1892 house in Northwest Portland, and plans to demolish it to make way for a millionaire mansion. Their Google Fiber project has pinpointed Portland as a target city. And last month, the leviathan struck a franchise agreement with City Council to have Fiber installed.
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  1. How Chattanooga, Bristol, and Lafayette Built the Best Broadband in America: The fastest networks in the nation are built by local governments, a new report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Benton Foundation reveals.