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Proposal for Indoor Operations Space


  • Date: Friday, November 25, 2011
  • Time: 7pm Spokes Council
  • Location: Director's Park
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There is a proposal coming up this Friday, November 25th, regarding a possible indoor operations space made available for Occupy Portland.

Please come and be a part of this decision making process. If you can, go check out the location beforehand and see what you think.

Below is the following information on the proposal.

St Francis School SE 12th & Pine, Portland Oregon

St. Francis School is a large multi building complex that has served as a Portland Social Justice and activism hub for over 3 decades!

Building Specs
  • 800 sqft classroom
  • Free use of 1,500 sqft seminar space
  • Free use of an additional dining room space large enough to feed and sit 200+

(The dining room also has a stage w/microphone)


$800 on a month to month lease/utilities included


As winter approaches and harsh weather closes in, we may want to explore a multi faceted approach for sustaining the Occupy Portland Movement. Creating a central hub of operations and or meeting spaces could serve as an addition to outdoor encampments. Previous Occupy survey results, along with other GA & Spokes Council discussions have all had an over all positive response to the idea of pursuing an indoor space in addition to (not instead of) occupations. St. Francis, based on current research is one of the most viable options so far. It is close in, has a large space, and is cheap as far as rent goes.


A large free space would be ideal, but until this option reveals itself this may be the best interim option. First Unitarian has agreed to put down $1,000 towards the first months rent, and we have already raised, in previous online fund raising $800 or more without even asking for a specific need. Additionally, since it is only a month to month lease, if we decide that the space no longer serves our needs, we can leave and go somewhere else.

  • Central warm indoor space
  • Large enough for operations, committee meetings, GA’s, Spokes Council, Educational Seminars, and other events we wish to host
  • Low overhead with utilities included
  • No contract
  • Draws in new folks from other communities
  • Draws in other folks who have not been coming