Tilikum Crossing

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Tilikum Crossing is the name of the new bridge being built across the Willamette River.


The Name

The name was chosen by a Bridge Naming Committee which reviewed nearly 9,500 submissions to find a name that would inspire today and 100 years from now. Tilikum Crossing was chosen unanimously by the committee and means "Bridge of the People". [1]

Bridge Facts

The facts and figures of the bridge per Trimet:

"The bridge has a cable-stayed design, with two piers in the water. A cable-stayed bridge is a bridge that :consists of one or more towers through which cables are strung to support the bridge deck. Cable-stayed bridge :types are efficient at spanning long distances while allowing a reduction of the number of piers in the water. :Such bridges also can be designed with thinner decks than other bridge types, making possible a more transparent :structure and a greater vertical navigation clearance."
  • Four-pier cable-stayed bridge type (two piers on land, two in the water at the towers)
  • Approximately 1,720 feet in length
  • Two towers, each 180 feet high
  • Typical width is 75.5 feet; at the towers, the width is 110.5 feet
  • Five spans
  • Approximately 3.5 miles of cable
  • Two 14-feet-wide bicycle and pedestrian paths

External Links

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