Why Do Corporations Have More Rights Than You Do 22 November 2011

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Why Do Corporations Have More Rights Than You Do


  • Date: 15 November 2011
  • Time: 2 pm - 4 pm
  • Location: 5805 SE 41st Ave. near bus lines: 19, 75 (Cesar Chavez bus)
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Why do we fail at:

  • Universal Health Care
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Bold Climate Change Response
  • End to Foreign Invasions
  • Labor Rights in the Workplace
  • Stopping Home Forclosures
  • many, many more symptoms

The Occupy Movement has generated amazing energy. Yet the history of popular uprisings has shown us that we have to do something completely new.

Join the 140+ communities in six NE states that are building the Community Rights Movement.

They have passed local laws that end corporate "rights" & enshrine COMMUNITY RIGHTS!

Join with others to learn more about this exciting movement!

Local Contact:

There may only be a brief window to convert street level momentum into organized rights-legislating movements in each of our local communities.

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