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Cup and Saucer Cafe is a restaurant that has three locations in Portland: Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Northeast Killingsworth Street, and North Denver Avenue. The restaurant serves better breakfast food than anything else. It's wacky-colored walls are adorned with local artwork for sale, and it's bathrooms are home to many charming (and some rather horrifying) notes and scribbles that people have made in passing. Personally, I enjoy the restaurant located on Hawthorne because the general vibe and people there are true to Portland, but I have only been to the Killingworth location once, and I have never been to the Dever location.

Like I said, true to Portland, Cup and Saucer only uses "cage free eggs produced by hens on a diet containing no antibiotics or hormones." They compost food waste, support wind energy, and do everything they can to include organic and locally grown foods into the restaurant's diet. Cup and Saucer is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary.


All menu items are available all day.

We have a $5.00 minimum on credit card purchases.


Eggs or Tofu

Served with potatoes and your choice of a scone, sourdough, whole grain, spelt or rye toast.

0 -Hell's Huevos

Three eggs scrambled with jalapenos and cream cheese $7.75

1 -Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Omelet $7.75

2 -Green Chile and Jack Cheese Omelet

Topped with salsa and sour cream $8.25

3 -Garden Omelet

Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, mushroom, spinach and cheddar. $7.75

4 -Spinach and Havarti cheese omelet $8.00

5 -Smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese scramble $9.25

6 -Black Forest ham and cheddar omelet $8.25

7 -Three eggs scrambled with cream cheese and chives $7.50

8 -Three eggs scrambled with green onion and cheddar cheese $7.50

9 -World Famous Garden Scramble

Three eggs scrambled with garden sausage, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, mushroom, spinach and cheddar $8.50

10 -Two eggs any way, with your choice of bacon, Black Forest ham, or garden sausage $8.50

11 -Two eggs any way $6.00

12 -Two eggs any way, fruit (instead of potatoes) and toast $7.00

13 -Lucky Scramble

Bacon, mushroom, green onion, cheddar cheese scrambled with three eggs on top of potatoes $8.50

14 -Mary Ann Sandwich

Two eggs any way with bacon, Black Forest ham, or garden sausage and cheddar cheese grilled on your choice of bread $7.75

15 -Western Breakfast Burrito

Ham, green onion, green chiles, mushroom, jack and cheddar cheese scrambled with two eggs and wrapped in a flour tortilla $8.50

16 -Black bean and jack cheese omelet topped with salsa and sour cream $8.25

17 -Basil Pesto Scramble

Pesto, sun-dried tomato and spinach $8.50

      • EXTRAS ***
    • Add "The Works" to your potatoes

Cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream $2.75

    • Split Plate Special

An extra plate of potatoes & a scone

With any order 0-17 $2.75

    • Substitute fruit for potatoes


Pancakes Made fresh daily

Your choice of: Buttermilk, Blueberry, Corn Meal (Vegan, made with spelt flour), Special of the day (add 50 cents each)

One Pancake $3.25

Two Pancakes $5.25

Three Pancakes $7.00

    • Add Fruit & Yogurt


Real Maple Syrup $1.00

French Toast

Made with your choice of...

Challah Bread $5.75

Cinnamon-Raisin $6.25

Sourdough $5.75

    • Add Fruit & Yogurt


Real Maple Syrup $1.00

Home Made Granola or Oatmeal

Served with brown sugar and your choice of...

Yogurt, 2%, Non-Fat or Soy Milk $4.00

    • Add Raisins


    • Add Fruit


Side Orders

Potatoes $3.50

Fruit Cup $3.00

Yogurt $1.50

Garden Sausage $3.00

Ham or Bacon $3.00

English Muffin $1.00

Toast $1.00

Biscuit $1.00

One Egg $1.50

Cheese $1.00

Rice $2.00

Avocado $1.50

Sour Cream $1.00

Salsa $1.50

Vegetables $3.00

Tofu $2.50

Tortillas... Corn or Flour $1.50

Hollandaise $.75

Vegetarian Gravy $1.75

Salad Dressing $.50

Scones & Baked Goods

Scones - Cup & Saucer Classic Vanilla

Basket of three scones $2.00

One Scone $.75

Sour Cream Coffee Cake $3.50

Apple Blackberry Coffee Cake $3.50

Rice Krispie Treats $1.50

Cookies, Brownies, Pies - Daily Selections Vary

Ask your server what's available today.

Potatoes with Extras

Potatoes $3.50

The Works: potatoes, cheese, salsa & sour cream. $7.00

      • ADD***

Ham or Bacon $1.50

Tofu $2.50

Sour Cream $1.00

Vegetables $3.00

Cheese $1.00

Salsa $1.50

One Egg $1.50

Garden Sausage $1.50

House Specialties

Ham Benedict

Black Forest ham on an English muffin topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with potatoes. $8.75

Northwest Benedict

Smoked salmon on an English muffin topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with potatoes. $9.75

Florentine Benedict

Spinach and tomato on an English muffin topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with potatoes. $8.25

Biscuits & Gravy

Our vegetarian gravy made with garden sausage on top of homemade biscuits with potatoes. $7.00

Huevos Rancheros

Three corn tortillas topped with black beans, cheddar and jack cheese, two eggs any way, salsa and sour cream. Served with potatoes. $8.25



Check the Specials board for our soup of the day.

Cobb Salad

Mixed greens, bacon, turkey & mushrooms tossed with crumbled bleu cheese. Your choice of dressing. $8.75

Oregon Salad

Mixed greens, apple, walnuts and bleu cheese crumbles tossed with sherry vinaigrette. $8.25

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Chicken breast sauteed in a chipotle pepper sauce with mixed greens, red peppers & toasted pumpkin seeds tossed in a chipotle lime dressing. $9.00

      • ADD***

Side Salad

Mix of greens, red cabbage, carrots and cucumber, topped with croutons. $4.00


Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Oil & Vinegar, Sherry Vinaigrette and Chipotle Lime.


Served with Baguette

Cup of soup $3.75

Bowl of Soup $4.75

Soup and Salad $7.75


Served with a choice of soup, salad, or french fries on sourdough, whole grain, spelt or rye. All sandwiches served dry, add mayo on request.

  • Substitute sweet potato fries for an additional $1.00


Turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, swiss and cheddar on toasted bread $8.75


Pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss and 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye. $8.50

Veggie Reuben

Our classic Reuben sandwich made with marinated grilled tofu. $8.50

Southwest Grilled Chicken

With green chiles, jack cheese and lettuce. $8.50

Grilled Veggie

Grilled red onions and red pepper, tomato, lettuce, avocado, cheddar and swiss cheese. $8.25

Very Veggie

Red pepper, red onion, avocado, tomato, lettuce, cucumber cheddar and swiss cheese. $8.25

Turkey and Avocado BLT

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, turkey and avocado. $8.75

Classic BLT $7.50

Tuna Melt

Grilled Albacore Tuna mixed with mayonnaise, mustard and dill. Served on grilled bread with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato $8.00

Grilled Cheese

Comes with jack and cheddar cheese. $6.00

Grilled Black Forest Ham and Cheese $7.50

~ Ala Carte deduct $1.00 ~



Served with your choice of soup, salad, french fries, or tortilla chips.

  • Substitute sweet potato fries for $1.00


Lettuce, tomato and onion $7.75


Cheddar or swiss, lettuce, tomato and onion $8.25

All Burger

Swiss, bacon, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and onion $9.00

Grilled Veggie Burger

Avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and onion. (Vegan if served on sourdough or rye bread) $8.00


House Cut $4.00

Sweet potato fries $5.00

Cheese fries $5.25

More Good Food

Non dairy cheese substitute available for $ .50


Beans, rice, green chiles, chipotle sauce, jack and cheddar cheese served with salsa and sour cream. Served with tortilla chips. $7.00


Made with mushrooms, spinach, red onions and jack cheese. Served with tortilla chips. $7.00

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken, green chiles, and jack cheese. Served with tortilla chips. $8.00

Rice, Bean and Veggie Bowl

Black beans, rice, and steamed vegetables topped with cheddar, salsa and sour cream. Served with tortilla chips. $8.00


Served with your choice of soup, salad, french fries or tortilla chips. $7.25

Please see our specials board when you come in.


Portland Roasting Coffee $1.75

Cafe au Lait $2.50


10oz. Single/Double

12oz. Double


Latte 2.50 3.00/3.50 3.75

Mocha 3.00 3.50/4.00 4.25

Espresso 1.75/2.25

Americano 1.75/2.25

Mug Shot 2.50/3.00

Cappuccino 2.25/2.75

~ Add ~

Monin Syrup .75

Whipped Cream .25

Extra Shot of Espresso .50

Substitute Soy Milk .50

Substitute Half and Half (Breve) .50

12 oz.16 oz.

Dragonfly Sweet Chai 3.00 3.75

Steamed Milk 2.00 2.50

Soymilk Steamer 2.50 3.00

Hot Chocolate 3.00

(without whipped cream) 2.50

Choices of Tea

As your server for the available choices of Numi teas. 1.75




Grapefruit Small 2.00 Large 3.00

Small 12 oz. Large 16 oz.

Milk 2.00 2.50

Sodas: one size

Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, Sprite 1.50

Italian Sodas 1.50

With Half and Half 1.75

Whipped Cream .25

Mango Iced Tea 1.75

Personal Favorites

I love the lucky scramble with home fries and the club sandwich with mayonnaise on sourdough served with home fries. YUM!


Southeast Hawthorne: (503) 236-6001

Northeast Killingsworth: (503) 287-4427

North Denver: (503) 247-6011