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Some suggestions:

  • Vegan items are good; if you are bringing in turkey or any meat/fish/egg/dairy product (label ingredients!), ensure that the temperature stays above or below the danger range at all times in order to prevent any health risk. (e.g., cooler with ice.)
  • No alcohol please. We do not have a permit for this.
  • If you can bring in plates, silverware, etc., you are wonderful. If you can think of anyone who lives within a walking distance of the Wallace Park who is willing to let us use their kitchen for dishwashing, we may even be able to forego disposable materials.
  • Bring music, games, spoken words, etc. to share
  • A tablecloth, some kind of table settings, candles, etc. would make the occasion elegant and festive.
  • We are planning on a hilarious Thanksgiving General Assembly at 3 p.m. This isn't a real General Assembly and will not actually do anything. There will be three very silly proposals (that would make headlines on the Onion!) on what to do on the "Day after Black Friday." The idea is for everyone to offer craziest possible amendments and see how bizarre it would turn into! While this is purely for fun, it is also a great learning opportunity for those who have heard about the GA and interested in participating but don't know how, as we will be running on the standard General Assembly procedures.
  • Please - no tents. However, we suggest bringing in a blanket or something to keep yourself warm.

Link to the earlier post on this event: http://tinyurl.com/opdx-thanksgiving