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Nedspace is an office co-op where small businesses, start-ups and freelancers can share a large commercial space while only renting what they need.

A wide range of renting options makes Nedspace uniquely suited for contractors and businesses on a small budget. By renting a single desk, members also have access to password protected wi-fi, bathrooms, and conference rooms. Also hosting privileges allow them to have meetings and events.
Fees depend on what physical space is used. The lowest being the ability to get entrance and work on any of the open desks. Start-ups and/or small companies with larger budgets can rent large offices. They range depending on size and windows.

NedSpace Old Town Location

Located in the Pearl District, 117 NW 5th (between Couch & Davis). Old Town is on the second floor above the Backspace Coffee shop in the same building as eROI.

Features (Before Monsoon's arrival)

  • Large open common area
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Foosball Table
  • Couches
  • Folding Tables
  • Stack able chairs
  • 40 desks
  • Shower/lockers
  • Men's Bathroom
  • Women's/Handicap Bathroom
  • Guest Wi-fi
  • Password Wi-fi
  • 5-10 Private Offices (depending on availability)
  • 2 conference rooms
  • 7500sqft
  • Max-capacity 200+

Originally it used the street entrance between Backspace coffee shop and Theo's sandwich shop. Since January 2011, a large part was leased to the start-up Monsoon, which shrunk it's available space substantially. It now uses the same entrance as eROI, on Couch.

Based on seeing the construction that was happening in preparation of Monsoon's arrival, I can deduce that the large common area is gone. Leaving only the part of the floor located directly above Compound.

Features (based on December construction)

  • 1 Conference Room
  • Open area with 16 desks (some permanently occupied)
  • Access to bathrooms shared by Monsoon (requires Key)
  • Entrance by elevator

Nearby Points of interest:

  • Backspace coffee shop (1st floor)
  • Compound clothing (1st floor)
  • Ground Kontrol (old location was next door, but the new location is about a block South.)
  • Theo's sandwich shop
  • MAX Station (NW 5th & Couch St -- Stop ID 9303)
  • Anthem Records (Across Couch)

Some events held at this location include:

NedSpace Downtown Location

920 SW Third (Between Taylor & Salmon) Portland, OR 97204. This location is the original Nedspace location. It consists of two floors, the first which is the ground floor and a lower basement floor. The previous owner was an architectural firm which had designed the space so that the upper floor consisted of an outer ring of offices connected by a terrace. The upper floor terrace looks down on the lower floor common area. The lower floor consists of cubicles with shelfs on wall edges, while an combination of open desks are located in the center.
Some Features include:

  • Private offices
  • Private cubicles with shelves
  • Open hoteling area
  • Guest Wi-fi
  • Password Wi-fi
  • Kitchen/Pantry
  • Meeting rooms
  • Bathrooms

The Downtown space differs from the Old Town space in that it is sectioned off more by walls, and has a darker cozy feeling.