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Show PortlandWiki some love.

Please support Portland Wiki with a one-time or monthly contribution.

We love PortlandWiki and know you do too! PortlandWiki is one of the best and biggest civic wikis in the U.S. thanks to the amazing contributions of people like you. Over the past 2 1/2 years, PortlandWiki has amassed thousands of pages and photos about Portland neighborhoods, entertainment, coffee shops, community activities and all the unique and wacky things that make this a cool place to live.

For its first 2 years, PortlandWiki's server costs have been paid for by a few volunteers. But because PortlandWiki has become a popular and successful community resource, PortlandWiki is now in need of broader support. We need better server capabilities to meet current and future growth, along with our continual need for more MediaWiki-specific tech support. Over the past several months we have investigated a variety of private and public support options. While a few of them seemed promising, we have been unable to find a local business or organization that meets the needs of all.

Please consider supporting PortlandWiki through a one-time, monthly or yearly donation. All contributors will be recognized by name on the Keep Portland Wiki support page, unless they opt out on WePay. We will also keep you updated on upcoming PortlandWiki activities, events and news if you join the PortlandWiki google group.

Value PortlandWiki? Please drop a few bucks in the jar for PortlandWiki's server costs and other necessary infrastructure.

Thanks for your support!

Your friendly PortlandWiki Volunteer Admin Team

Unload your worthless pennies on us... we love that copper taste!

What are PortlandWiki donations used for?

Based on past costs and future upgrade needs, we anticipate the following expenses to keep PortlandWiki running and secure:

  • Monthly server costs, currently about $30/mo. The current server, a VPS, is barely sufficient for PortlandWiki's bandwidth and memory usage, so costs will likely rise with PortlandWiki's usage.
  • With anything leftover, a pittance for server and MediaWiki technical work/consulting outside the capabilities of the current volunteer team.

What are possible future PortlandWiki costs and needs?

Since PortlandWiki is community-owned, there are several things we could collectively decide to pay for. If you have any thoughts please give them on the talk page so that we can publicly discuss them and work towards a consensus. Nobody will decide to use PortlandWiki funds for anything in this list until there is a clear consensus for it.

  • Nothing (pay for above costs alone)
  • Community outreach events like PortlandWiki library workshops.
  • PortlandWiki swag (stickers, buttons, t-shirts, mugs, etc).
  • ??? (add your ideas here)

Who has the keys?

These are the folks who have access to the WePay account.

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