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Wiki admins (left to right) Kotra, Mark and Ward wrangle wild wikis at Backspace Cafe.

PortlandWiki is a collaborative community information resource for Portland, Oregon that is powered by you. We welcome your knowledge and creative input!

Our aim is to represent the Voice of Portland by providing a citizen-generated news, information resource, knowledge hub and historical archive for Portland, Oregon and surrounding region.

PortlandWiki currently has 25,402 edits and 6,071 pages, of which 1,686 are articles.

Currently, 491 people have obtained their own PortlandWiki account. 2 contributors with registered accounts have made recent content contributions. Content contributed to PortlandWiki includes 1,616 images and other files uploaded to PortlandWiki.

PortlandWiki first sprang to life on Monday, September 28, 2009, and was officially launched in early October by an open group of wiki-minded folks at a weekly Portland Wiki Wednesday meetup. PortlandWiki is proud to be a service owned and operated by its community of contributors. We happily gift PortlandWiki to Portland's Community Commons, and encourage all who want to participate to join our community.

You (and a whole bunch of other people like you) are the builders, planners, and maintainers of the wiki. There is no formal leadership. The website domain and host are generously provided by Ray King and Dave Myers, assisted by you and others who help spread out the financial burden.

Have any questions about PortlandWiki? For now, the best place is to ask general questions is at PortlandWiki talk:Community Portal. Or, if you prefer to ask a specific user individually, leave a note on her or his user talk page! (Click here to see a user talk page example.) You'll find even more helpful tips on PortlandWiki's help pages.

Go ahead; be bold! Get involved with PortlandWiki!

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