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PortlandWiki's highly-trained crew of expert civic wiki planners work tirelessly to ensure maximum public confusion.

Getting Started

If you're new to creating and/or editing wiki pages, contributing to PortlandWiki might look somewhat intimidating at first glance. Particularly if such geeky-sounding terms as Wiki markup, Wikitext, CamelCase, User talk, Namespace and so on come off sounding like what robots babble to each other when they're talkin' dirty.[1]

Never fear! There's no need for you to learn how to abuse language like a potty-mouth android. Here are a few links to resources that can help you get started:

Again, are you new to wiki writing? Maybe PortlandWiki's Wiki Page Basics (also known as Help:Editing) is the best place to begin.
A good place to ask for help from one of PortlandWiki's volunteer maintainers is the Community Portal Discussion page. Or, if you prefer to ask a specific user individually, you can leave a note on her or his user talk page and she or he will receive it upon logging into PortlandWiki.
Want to learn more about PortlandWiki from actual living humans? Come to our next wiki edit meet-up (also known as Monday Meets). Check out the schedule for upcoming times and locations.

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