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Welcome to our fine, upstanding "City of Roses."

Welcome and a wee little about us

PortlandWiki is a City Wiki for Portland, Oregon.

A city wiki (or civic wiki) is a collaborative website for citizens of a particular town, city or region. The wiki serves as a knowledge base or information hub about the community, and is where citizens contribute news and information about their community. Think of a city wiki (or civic wiki) as the " Wikipedia" for a particular community.

PortlandWiki welcomes participation from all Portlandians, and anyone else interested in building an outstanding community resource for the Rose City.

How PortlandWiki Got Started

PortlandWiki came about after many different meetings among wiki enthusiasts at the WikiWednesday meetup where it was decided to build a civic wiki about and for Portland, written by Portland area people. In 2009, PortlandWiki was born! The domain is owned and gifted to PortlandWiki by Ray King of AboutUs, and the server is maintained by PortlandWiki admins.

What's Your Passion?

People contribute to PortlandWiki because it's fun and enables folks in our community to share their knowledge, interests and passions. PortlandWiki is not just another outlet to post the public relations profile on behalf of some faceless company or organization. That said, neighborhood businesses and local organizations are strongly encouraged to share information about what they do.

PortlandWiki hopes to evolve into the Swiss army knife of news, information, community resources, historical archives for Portland and the greater Portland community. The information-rich resource hub PortlandWiki contributors bring to life can serve as a constantly updating, organic, people-powered knowledge base that is open, accessible, useful and available to everyone.

PortlandWiki is not meant to take the place of the rich tapestry of community based information resources already available to Portlandians, but to act as a robust, fluid and evolving community powered directory to those resources. Within that framework PortlandWiki hopes to spawn collaborative communities of contributors who find value in reaching beyond the information silos they may normally operate within. It's exciting to watch vibrant and new collaborative communities spring up as a result!

Get Started!

PortlandWiki celebrates its third birthday on September 28, 2012. By contributing to this web site, you have a wonderful opportunity to significantly add your voice to this unique community resource. We look forward to building this wiki with you!

Check out PortlandWiki's Editing Help Page for tips on how to get started with your contributions right away.

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