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Not to be confused with PortlandWiki's other weekly meetings on Mondays, the Monday Meets.

Portland WikiWednesday

Portland WikiWednesday was a long-running (2006-2011) monthly, then weekly meeting where wiki enthusiasts and anyone who is interested met to talk wikis, Internet, New Media, and other geeky and not-so-geeky subjects. Food and drink was typically plentiful, as well as friendly folks. PortlandWiki itself was conceived, launched, and developed originally by WikiWednesday attendees.

Information about Portland WikiWednesday, including monthly meeting notes for a significant period, is located on its own wiki, Also its open mailing list contains various discussions about the event.

PortlandWiki WikiWednesday

Over time, WikiWednesday attendees became more focused on discussing and working on PortlandWiki, and so as of late 2011, it became apparent that a meetup devoted to broader wiki discussion no longer existed in Portland. WikiWednesday meetups continue today, but are now devoted to PortlandWiki discussion, leaving the space open for a true Portland WikiWednesday meetup to once again flourish in the city where wiki was invented (see Ward Cunningham).

Up-to-date meeting dates, times, and locations, as well as other discussions, can be found on the PortlandWiki mailing list.

Of course, you don't need to hang out with a bunch of Portland wiki geeks to contribute to PortlandWiki. But if you do decide to come hang out with us (and we hope you do!), we'll do our best to help you get started. Plus, we're a fun bunch, can't you tell?

Unable to make it to WikiWednesday meetups but curious about what's going on? Check out the Meetup Notes.

Other PortlandWiki meetups

These other meetups are very similar, just at different venues and at different times.

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