World's Largest Frying Pan

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Getting Fried In The World's Largest Frying Pan

Long Beach, Washington is a "small beach town" with big ambitions. Not only is Long Beach home to the "World's Largest Frying Pan" (until it was "surpassed by other towns with more ambitious plans and pans"), the beachside burg also boasts the "world's longest beach."

No longer operational, Long Beach's "World's Largest Frying Pan" is a remnant of the town's Clam Festival. The pan was forged in 1941 by command of the Long Beach C of C. It is 9 ft., 6 in. in diameter.[1]

Address: Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, WA
Directions: Across the street from Marsh's Free Museum on Pacific Avenue.
Hours: Daylight hours.


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