A PortlandWiki user's call to boycott Hippo Hardware

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Attention animal lovers of Portland Oregon!!!!! I went to one of the coolest stores in Portland today - Hippo Hardware. I was shocked to find 2 adorable cockatiels upstairs in a cage that is way too small for them. These birds have barely room to move around and one is pulling the feathers off the head of the other because the cage is too small. This is a case of animal abuse!!!!

They are for sale for $100.00 which is a silly price for cockatiels - and they have the nerve to be charging additional for the cage. I have birds and offered to take them and told the owner that the cage was too small. His reply was "do you want to buy them?" I was stunned - it is okay with him to have this in his store. I spoke to one of the ladies that work there about it and she told me the humane society had been there about it, hmmmmmm.

The birds are still there - this is not okay and especially in a city of animal lovers like Portland. PLEASE BOYCOTT HIPPO HARDWARE until this has been rectified! Not until they disappear, until they can provide a larger cage or post a picture of these abused animals in a nice home with the proper cage or cages!!! This is a call to action!