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Bikes bring smiles.

There is a lot of biking in Portland. In 2009, bikes represented 13% of the traffic crossing four of Portland bridges. On the Hawthorne Bridge, the most popular bike route across the river, bikes account for 21% of all traffic.[1]. The Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 hopes to have one out of every four trips made by bicycle.

Although consistently ranked the top bike city in the States[2][3][4], Portland slipped to number two behind Minneapolis in the 2010 Bicycling Magazine rankings[5]. Portland is second only to Amsterdam in Virgin Vacations' world ranking for the most bike-friendly cities.[2]

Navigating Portland by Bike

Choosing your bike to explore Portland is a great decision. An amazing network of bicycling infrastructure supplies limitless opportunities. With an understanding of bike laws and safety, you can discover a new Portland on two wheels.

Basic Safety

Wear a helmet! On a budget? Portland State University occasionally promotes $5 bike helmet "events." You can also sometimes pick up modestly-priced lights and locks there. Legacy Health has had similar programs.

Basic Laws

Every day is bicycle day in Portland.

Bicycles follow many of the same laws that cars must follow. Bikes travel with the flow of traffic.

At night a front light and rear light or reflector must be used.

Street Markings

Portland has many helpful street markings for bicyclists. Bicycle boulevards have sharrows to indicate that it is a cycling route.


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