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* [[Driving]]
* [[Driving]]
* [[Ride Sharing]]
* [[Ride Sharing]]
*[[Cash for cars portland|Cash For Cars Portland]]
== References ==
== References ==

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Ceux Chevaux: Parked on NW Broadway and Davis.

Car Sharing

  • car2go - car2go is "an innovation that fits the Portland lifestyle as perfectly as dinner in The Pearl or a ride up Mt. Tabor."[1]
  • WeCar - WeCar is a membership-based car sharing program for people who are looking for an alternative method of transportation that lowers the cost and reduces the hassles of traditional transportation.[2]
  • Zipcar - Zipcar promises "to bring the European car-sharing idea to North America. Once the wheels were in motion, it was only a matter of time before some major changes helped grow a little car-sharing company into the world's leading car-sharing network."[3]


cars rock a lot.
now if only more ran on e85...
using cellulosic ethanol...
some run on biodiesel
there are even electric cars now!
- by Michael

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