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Meet The Occupation: March, Rally, and Meet 'n' Greet



Following all the N17 excitement, we have a variety of peaceful, family-oriented Community Gathering events coming up.

3PM Rally begins at Ankeny Plaza, Naito Parkway underneath the Burnside Bridge

3:45PM March begins This march is a march of solidarity with the message of occupy. This is meant to be a fun, inclusive, community march focused on the message of inequality and the solidarity of sticking together with that message.

Every citizen of Portland who opposed the eviction of Occupy Portland is asked to come march in solidarity in protest.

5PM March ends, speakers begin

A few speakers from Occupy Portland will give brief speeches to the community about what we've been doing and what we plan on doing.

Come and "Meet the Occupation" at the end of the March.

Look for us at 5:30 PM at Salmon Street Springs on the Waterfront.

5:30PM to 7PM Meet N Greet While enjoying music provided by the community, meet all of Occupy Portland's committees, working groups, and affinity groups, to learn what they do, how to get involved, and what they've done so far.

Also, enjoy live local music, meet members from all of Occupy Portland's committees, working groups, and affinity groups face-to-face, to learn what they do and how the various groups operate.

If you've been wondering how to get connected or involved, you won't want to miss this event. We invite new faces and ideas, and we need you in order to succeed!

7PM Occupy Your Block

Return to your neighborhood and exchange ideas with your neighbors and community about Occupy Portland; if you feel that your community could accomplish something, form groups to do it, and work with each other to start making the better world you want!

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