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The current elected City Commissioners are:

Dan Saltzman

Saltzman is a Portland native who attended schools in the Portland area and on the east coast before entering a career in environmental engineering. He graduated from Beaverton High School, received a B.S. from Cornell University's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and an M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His political career has included a staff position with US Senator Ron Wyden, five years as a Multnomah County Commissioner (1993–1998), and his current third term as a City of Portland Commissioner.


  • Bureau of Housing
  • Bureau of Fire & Rescue
  • Gateway Domestic Violence Center
  • Portland Children’s Investment Fund (Children’s Levy)

Nick Fish

Nicholas (Nick) Fish (born September 1958) is an elected official in Portland, Oregon.


  • Bureau of Environmental Services
  • Water Bureau
  • Regional Arts and Culture Council

Amanda Fritz

Amanda Fritz (born April 1958) is a retired registered psychiatric nurse and politician from the U.S. state of Oregon. Before being elected to Portland's City Council in 2008, Fritz was known as a neighborhood activist, a critic of City Hall, and a seven-year member of the Portland Planning Commission.


  • Bureau of Parks & Recreation
  • Bureau of Development Services

Steve Novick

Steven Novick (born February 8, 1963) is a politician in the U.S. state of Oregon and a former environmental lawyer and political activist. He is currently a Portland City Commissioner – a member of the City Council of Portland – having been elected in May 2012 and assumed office on January 1, 2013.


  • Bureau of Transportation
  • Bureau of Emergency Management
  • Bureau of Emergency Communications