Convention to Help Craft the Declaration of Occupy Portland 12 18 11

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Convention to Help Craft the Declaration of Occupy Portland


  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 18th
  • Time: 6:15pm
  • Location: Mission Theater (1624 Northwest Glisan Street, on Glisan and 17th)
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Occupy Portland cordially invites you to join us in writing the Declaration of Occupy Portland.

All are welcome to attend and participate in the spirit of community and direct democracy.

This will be the first of a series of conventions in which we as a community will do the vital work of declaring to the world who we are, what our values are, what our demands are, and what we’re all about. Come and make your voice heard!

The facebook invite is here:

Please RSVP on facebook or directly to Owen,, so we know how many people are coming!
Food and drink will be available at the theater.

A bit of history:

Owen Sanders began the difficult task of writing the declaration and has put his draft – which has received input from the community here:

Currently, he’s open to feedback but is the only editor. He’s now opening that document to full input by the community.

Owen’s Declaration can either serve as a launching pad or it may be scratched to begin anew. It’s up to all those who attend. Direct democracy is a beautiful process with one fatal flaw – it needs your participation to function properly.

Please come out and add your voice to the Declaration of Occupy Portland.


  • On Dec. 9th, 2011, The Occupy Portland Spokescouncil voted to hold it’s first convention to write the declaration.

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