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Labor Solidarity March - March Together with Occupy Portland!!

Occupy Portland Labor March


Assemble at Director Park at 5 p.m. and at 6 p.m we will march downtown in a show of solidarity.
We will march past the Occupation at Chapman Square and end at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Organized labor is coming together to support the Occupy Portland movement. Oregon AFSCME leadership encourages your participation as we partner with the Oregon AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice and others.

Occupy Portland is made up of real Americans pulling together to hold big banks and multinational corporations accountable for the financial crisis we all face.

Looking for more background information to better understand the ‘Occupy’ movement?

Please visit their webpage

Occupy Portland in peaceful solidarity with OWS

Remind everyone that the 99% are not just the representatives standing our ground in parks and empty lots across Oregon and the nation. Join the Oregon AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Laborers', and more unions for sure to come. The WE ARE OREGON drum core will also be there to put a beat to our steps!

LABOR won't stand for corporatization of our communities - not on Wall Street and not in the City of Portland! GOOD jobs, NOT CUTS!

Portland to Vancouver March for Good Jobs, No Cuts

Portland and Vancouver Rising, October 22, 11 a.m.

Portland Rising and Vancouver Rising connects struggle on both sides of the river


Meet at the field just off I-5 Exit 308 to Jantzen Beach* to march across the I-5 bridge for the Noon Rally at Esther Short Park* in Vancouver.

Many have participated in powerful Portland Rising events on April 16th and June 30th. This time it will be Portland Rising AND Vancouver Rising as we connect struggles on the two sides of the river.

In addition to supporting union campaigns, we will also be sending a message to Senator Patty Murray, co-chair of the Congressional "Super-Committee," which is poised to make cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, that these programs should not be cut one cent!

Call Senator Patty Murray co-chair of this committee to say "No cuts to the safety net!" 360-696-7797

The times have been changing in the last weeks. The occupations of Wall St., Portland, and other places are highlighting the fact that there are plenty of resources in our society - it is just that the 1% is grabbing all this abundance for themselves. At the very least, we have enough resources for good jobs for all and an enhanced safety net! Join us! This is a great time to come out and help make the changes we need.

- Portland meeting place: We will meet at the field just off of Northbound I-5 Exit 308. The field is on the East side of I-5, between the highway and Taco Bell. Parking is available on N. Jantzen Street. and other side streets. The #6 Tri-Met bus stops at N. Jantzen St.

- Esther Short Park is at West 6th and Esther Streets in Downtown Vancouver.

For more info call JwJ at 503-236-5573 About JWJ

Jobs with Justice is a national campaign for workers’ rights. Working through coalitions of labor, community, religious and constituency organizations, Jobs with Justice is fighting for workers’ rights and economic justice.

How JwJ works Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society. There are 40 Jobs with Justice chapters nationwide. JwJ mobilizes support for labor and community struggles at rallies, on picket lines, in educational settings and at meetings and hearings. The basic building block of JwJ is a pledge that people sign to turn out to support other people’s struggles at least five times a year.

JwJ is governed by a Steering Committee composed its officers, committee chairs, staff, representatives of each member organization and seven at-large members elected bi-ennually. The Steering Committee meets each month and makes decisions about what actions to support. Pledgers are mobilized through mailings and a phone tree. An Executive Committee made up of officers and committee chairs meets between Steering Committee meetings. These meetings are open to everyone, and all Steering Committee members may vote. When necessary a leadership group made up of staff and officers makes decisions.

How organizations can seek support from JwJ Organizations seeking support from JwJ are asked to make a request for action a week before the Steering Committee meeting. Requests should indicate what level of support is needed (endorsement, mobilization of most active members, full phone tree mobilization etc.). Decisions on which actions to support are made based on criteria including: impact of JwJ’s support on the campaign, impact on building JwJ and local coalitions, level of rank and file participation and leadership, and how the action fits into JwJ’s organizational priorities and capacity.

Margaret Butler | Director | Brenda Sifuentez, Chris Ferlazzo and Eliana Machuca, Organizers

Member Organizations

AFGE Local 2157
AFSCME Locals 88, 189, 328, 1995, 3135, 3336, 3580
AFSCME Council 75
AFT Locals 2277, 3922 & PSU Faculty Association
AFT Healthcare Northwest
AFT Oregon
Ainsworth United Church of Christ
Alliance for Democracy, Portland Chapter
Alliance for Retired Americans
Allies: People to People
American Association of University Professors
American Federation of Musicians Local 99
American Postal Workers Union
Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757
Basic Rights Oregon
Beaverton Education Association
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
Carpenters Locals 247 & 1715
Center for Intercultural Organizing
Code Pink
Community Alliance of Tenants
Communications Workers of America Local 7901
City of Portland Professional Employees Association
Graphic Communications International Union IBT Local 767M
ILWU Locals 4, 5, 8 & 28
Inland Boatmen's Union
International Association of Machinists Lodges 63 & 1005
IATSE Local B20
International Socialist Organization, Portland Chapter
IWW Portland GMB
Laborers International Union Local 483
Laborers Regional Organizing Coalition
Lake Oswego Education Association
Laughing Horse Books Collective
Metanoia Peace Community
National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82
NW Regional Council of Carpenters
NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
Oregon Action
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Farmworkers Ministries
Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Oregon Health Action Campaign
Oregon New Sanctuary Movement
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Tradeswoman, Inc
Pacific Green Party
Portland Association of Teachers
Portland Central American Solidarity Committee
Portland Coalition Against Poverty
Portland Federation of Teachers and Classifies Employees Local 111
Portland Firefighters Association Local 43
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition
Portland Rainbow Coalition
Service Employees Local 49 & 503
Service Employees Oregeon State Council
Street Roots
Students for Unity
Teamsters Locals 206 & 162
Tualatin Valley Firefighters Local 1660
United Auto Workers Local 492
United Farm Workers, Pacific NW Region
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555
Washington County Uniserve Council
Witness for Peace Northwest
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

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