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SCHEDULE yourself

This section is a tentative draft

Food Server- This person is on the front lines serving prepared food. Food safety and interacting with hungry folks is the name of the game! Knowing what dishes are Vegetarian/vegan/GF and Not are important as well as keeping an eye on how long long stuff has been out and keeping or asking for ice pans (when available). Having a food handlers card is required (a good skill and easily available online).

Donation Line- This person is the food tent trivia master answering all kinds of questions (many not related to the food team so it is good place to learn about the camp on the job and make quick friends with those who do!) and does their best! Their main function is to accept incoming donations and keeping an eye out for open packages asking those to be handed out immediately to the crowd by whomever brought the item (as to avoid questions later and food waste). They also keep the front as neat as they can (drinks) and are talking with folks non-stop and serve as the frontline for volunteer opps. (this does not require a food handlers card).

The Floating Folks- these people are masters of all- they spend a lot of time organizing-running donations that are not ours (medics get the vitamins etc...) relieving the food servers for a break or prepping salads/ filling ice trays for food servers answering questions setting up shelves.... A food handlers card makes for an optimal floater.

2 of each position is required (at least) and 3 food servers at dinner is good the food tent needs to be staffed 24/7 11-7 with these positions and 11-7 with 2 donation line/floater folks... (thoughts on this team?)

http://www.orfoodhandlers.com/eMain.aspx?State=OREGON this is a link to get a food handlers card if folks are planning to work a lot of shifts and obtaining a Food Handler’s card is a financial hardship we may be able to help. This link has lots of information on food safety too.