Oregon State Senate

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The Oregon State Senate is the upper house of the Oregon legislature.

Along with the Oregon House of Representatives it makes up the Oregon Legislative Assembly. There are 30 state districts across the state, each once with a population of about 114,000.

State districts

The state districts in the Portland area, and their senators as of August 2011, are:

  • 12, McMinnville, Brian Boquist (Republican)
  • 13, Hillsboro, Larry George (Republican)
  • 14, Beaverton, Mark Hass (Democratic)
  • 15, Hillsboro, Bruce Starr (Republican)
  • 16, Scappoose, Betsy Johnson (Democratic)
  • 17, Beaverton, Suzanne Bonamici (Democratic)
  • 18, Portland (representing a portion of Southwest Portland), Ginny Burdick (Democratic)
  • 19, Tualatin, Richard Devlin (Democratic)
  • 20, Canby, Alan Olsen (Republican)
  • 21, Portland (representing Southeast Portland and Milwaukie), Diane Rosenbaum (Democratic)
  • 22, Portland (representing North and Northeast Portland), Chip Shields (Democratic)
  • 23, Portland (representing Northeast and Southeast Portland and Maywood Park), Jackie Dingfelder (Democratic)
  • 24, Portland (representing East Portland and Happy Valley, Rod Monroe (Democratic)
  • 25, Gresham, Laurie Monnes Anderson (Democratic)
  • 26, Hood River, Chuck Thomsen (Republican)