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The Portland Trail Blazers have been entertaining the city since 1970. Led by Bill Walton, this team won its sole championship in 1977.

The current team is led by all-star Brandon Roy and big man LaMarcus Aldridge. Rising young star Nicholas Batum brings defensive intensity and grit. Last seasons veteran additions of Andre Miller and Marcus Camby helped the team reach the playoffs. However, most Portland fans are more concerned with the future of Greg Oden. Drafted #1 in 2007 draft, he has yet to play a full season. Two knee surgeries later having expectations becomes difficult.

Portland fans have contributed to a record number of sellouts in the last two seasons. The Rose Garden is consistently loud, very loud. Fans show up on time and come to support the team, not just be passively entertained. A wave or two is known to appear if the Blazers are just too dominant.