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Radio Cab operates 136 taxicabs inside Portland's city limits as of March 2010.

The firm was founded in 1946 as "Radio Tuxedo Cab Company," by a group of World War II veterans, with 35 cabs operating out of a two-room wooden building at 1715 SW Salmon St. It's been collectively owned and operated by its drivers since its founding.

Drivers were, at one point, organized by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Radio Cab purchased Union Cab Company's assets sometime in the 1950s, under the management of Dudley Lapham. In 1958, the company bought its current garage and headquarters at 1613 NW Kearney.

Radio Cab's "veteran owned and operated" brand reportedly led to some cabs being attacked during the Vietnam War.

After the 1973 oil crisis, Radio Lab opened its internal gas pump to the public, becoming the only indoor gas station in Oregon.