28 Jan 2012 - Candidate Town Hall

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Candidate Town Hall

This proposal would empower Occupy Portland to host a “candidate town hall” with the Oregon Working Families Party. Using a spokes-council style model, we would facilitate discussion about the issues facing the City of Portland with the public and the candidates running for mayor and city council.

Occupy Portland does not and will not endorse any political parties or candidates. We continue to encourage people to take nonviolent direct action beyond voting and the electoral system.


The forum will be held on January 28th at PSU Hoffman Hall (holds 200-300 people). The three hour meeting would consist of:

  1. Occupy Portland facilitates a spokes meeting to discuss issues facing the people of Portland. This proposal recommends, but doesn’t require spokes to organize around issues. Candidates arrive and are present for two hours:
  2. Oregon Working Families Party has testifiers ask questions on behalf of the Portland community, groups who have been asked to speak include: Oregon Banks Local, Economic Fairness Oregon, Sisters of the Road, and the Albina Ministerial Alliance.
  3. Occupy Portland facilitates the questions and concerns raised during spokes.

Final details would be left to people interested in helping to organize the event. The format of the spokes would be left to the facilitation team. We would help publicize and livestream the event, and do our best to ensure we can provide food and,or drink. WFP will rent the space. They would also help organize and publicize.


This event:

  • Demonstrates how a direct democracy model works and why it is powerful.
  • Broadens the reach of Occupy Portland to include people in the community who have not participated in marches and direct actions.
  • Provides a new tactic to attract attention to the issues of the 99%.

All registered candidates for city council and mayor, regardless of party affiliation, size of bank account, or theoretical ability to win, will be invited. A goal of this event is to make sure all voices get heard - including the most important voice of all: the voice of the people.


Questions or concerns? Interested in helping? contact Simon: occupyiosAtgmail Original proposal online at: http://occupyportland.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1635