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Unfortunately, the State of Oregon forbids rent control, and values land ownership rights over tenants’ rights.
Amanda Fritz, City Commissioner[1]

Finding affordable housing in Portland, Oregon is becoming harder and harder.

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  • Game of Homes: The private-equity firm Blackstone could be your next landlord.
Seeing a profitable opening in the wake of the foreclosure crisis, investment groups have worked diligently to bring a “rentership society” into being. During the past two years, investors have bought approximately 200,000 single-family homes, mostly foreclosures, in urban areas nationwide, with plans to convert them into rental properties.

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  1. Affordable housing in Portland: No recourse for renters losing cheap apartments to infill development From article: "The urban core is increasingly becoming a 'playground' for the well educated and well off, while the fringes of Portland are almost indistinguishable from neglected areas of other cities."