Bank Redlining - 5 December 2011

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39th and Hawthorne Bank Redlining


  • Date: Monday, December 5th
  • Time: 9AM - 10AM
  • Location: 39th and Hawthorne (4 banks in proximity)
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Big Bank Lending Practices Hurt Our Communities.

Redlining, Sub Prime Mortgages & Exploitive Lending Practices benefit the rich while People of Color take the Brunt of the suffering, losses and expenses.

Other details
The concept is lots of red ribbon/streamers/red Saran wrap. It will look kind of festive, not blocking access or doing property damage. Signage & a few folks during morning business hours.

Stop Redlining, & unfair lending practices, with focus on how people of color have taken the brunt of these exploitive practices.

Since this is a fairly detailed/specific message and a small group, the intent is to capture talking points on video, as well as engaging folks who might be passing by. 10-12 people could make this a success!

Hopefully we could do another similar action at one or more banks in N/NE Portland soon.

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