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This is a quirky name for a Portland Gem - drinking water fountains all over the city which come from the Bull Run - best water I have ever had!. The goal of this page is to document, with pictures if possible, every single Benson Bubbler Water Fountain. The tradition was founded on April 10, 1912 with City Ordinance #25070912.

The 128 drinking fountains

Single Bowl Bubblers

76 single-bowl variations

52 Four Bowl Bubblers

First Instance is a four bowl fountain at Simon Benson House

Apparently this is the first Benson Bubbler at SW 5th and Washington: [1]

Operation Times

5 am to 10 pm daily

History Mythology

Simon Benson:

he wanted to offer loggers something cold on the streets to quench their thirst, instead of alcohol
he saw a little girl crying at a parade because she was thirsty.

Francis J. Murnane:

he saved them from being dismantled

Bubbler name:

Drinking fountain, water fountain or bubbler? [3]

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