Beyond “Save the Post Office”

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This article will focus on the issue of transforming the U.S. Postal Service from its current organizational structure, and into a different (perhaps radically so) kind of organization. A revitalized, totally reorganized and reoriented postal service can set a high-profile example of the kinds of vital roles large, public institutions can play in society: economically, politically and culturally.

We'll touch on four possible scenarios, and expand on one or two of them. They are

  1. Privatization/lemon socialism -- the USPS spins off all its most profitable functions into fully private companies, leaving a shrunken rump to handle unprofitable necessities on the public dime.
  2. Current USPS "rescued" by removal of prefunding requirements and other measures, but basic structure remains.
  3. Convert USPS to a worker-owned cooperative.
  4. Restore USPS a fully public entity with worker self-management.

(See Talk:Local Post Offices for details on the discussion that prompted this article.)

Other ideas may include showing how the "privatization" mentality (in general) of asset-stripping, power-grabbing and other looting that has accompanied other major systems in times of great transformation (i.e., Soviet collapse; Chinese neoliberal "reforms" etc.) is part of the same asset-grabbing mentality that seeks to privatize the Postal Service. It is part of the "privatization" agenda that has gained steam in the U.S. and Eurozone over the past several decades, and can be considered part of the same wealth accumulation agenda. Tie into how the US Postal Service, along with Social Security and other major American public assets is part of an ongoing campaign of asset-stripping and wealth accumulation.

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