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Community Assembly Reports Available Here

(Many thanks to Trudy Cooper and Joe Anybody.)
Full proceedings of the May 5, 2012 Assembly. Video by Joe Anybody.
Report on the proceedings of the May 5 Community Assembly. Summary of entire day's work.
The full transcriptions of the notes from table group, presented to the full Assembly.
Participants’ end-of-day reflections and feelings about the outcomes of the Assembly.
FAQ Document Survey
Title Community Assembly for a People’s Budget - Frequently Asked Questions Title Community Assembly Participant Survey
Note Frequently Asked Questions Note Participant survey.

PDF Document
Note A brief overview of planned meeting agenda for the Community Assembly to Create a People's Budget on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Document Document
Title Resolution in Support of a Community Assembly to Create a “People’s Budget” Title Resolution in Support of a Community Assembly to Create a “People’s Budget”
Note (Short version.) Note (Long version -- draft.)

Document Document
Title A Budget for the Rest of Us Title Peoples’ Assembly Organizing Committee - Combined Meeting Notes
Note Initial "call to action." Note Cumulative meeting notes sorted by date.

Document Document
Title CA Outreach Update - Time Sensitive Title CA outreach lists
Note (Shorter, updated list.) Note (Fuller list.)

Title Proposal Ideas: Community Assembly for a People’s Budget
Note This document contains DRAFT proposals that began with suggestions and ideas that emerged during an early meetup to plan for a Community Assembly Meeting for a People’s Budget, which took place on Thursday, January 26, 2012 in Portland, Oregon.

Title Contact list for peoples budget (2)
Note This spreadsheet is only available to those with access privileges. If you require access to this spreadsheet, please contact an administrator.

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