Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution - November 12, 2011

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Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution



A letter from Cairo to the Occupy movements & other solidarity movements.

Call-Out Letter from Cairo[1][2]

After three decades of living under a dictatorship, Egyptians started a revolution demanding bread, freedom and social justice. After a nearly utopian occupation of Tahrir Square lasting eighteen days, we rid ourselves of Mubarak and began the second, harder, task of removing his apparatuses of power. Mubarak is gone, but the military regime lives on. So the revolution continues - building pressure, taking to the streets and claiming the right to control our lives and livelihoods against systems of repression that abused us for years. But now, seemingly so soon after its beginnings, the revolution is under attack. We write this letter to tell you about what we are seeing, how we mean to stand against this crackdown, and to call for your solidarity with us.

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It's safe to say events in Egypt and Tunisia inspired us all in some way. Also, I think everyone in this group and a majority of Americans see no good reason why $1.2 billion of our tax money should go to prop up a repressive military regime in a foreign nation every year. The Egyptians are seeking the ability to have a much greater level of self-representation in government. We fought a revolution for that (and are fighting one now) so let's honor those that are doing the same. It's time to let the 1% in our country know that we're tired of America's colonial-like involvement in the rest of the world's affairs. We have our own problems to deal with, like constantly eroding education and health care systems.

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