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A disquietingly unbalanced sign welcomes you to the City of Roses.

Portland is the city our civic wiki is about. Known by many names, the Rose City is home to 557,706 Portlandians. To find out more, check out our main page and start WikiWandering!


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Founded in 1843 by William Overton and Francis Pettygrove, Portland received its city charter on February 8, 1851.


The city is governed by the Portland City Council.


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  1. 'Little Beirut' nickname has stuck, The Oregonian, 8/18/2003. Quote: "The nickname 'Little Beirut' has stuck to Portland since it was first coined by the staff of former President Bush [Sr.] after violent protests during his visits to Oregon in the early 1990s."
  2. Wipers, Loser's Town
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