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Building Local Community and a Worldwide Movement

Food Not Bombs is "a worldwide movement sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty. The main Food Not Bombs website[1] lists the following Oregon affiliates:

  • Ashland
  • Bend
  • Cascade Chapter Food Not Bombs (Oakridge)
  • Corvallis
  • Eugene
  • Portland
  • Salem

Occupy Portland

We founded the kitchen at camp, we helped run the kitchen at camp and we even had our own tent. Now come to our turf & join our free community! We are awesome folks who like to share and discuss many topics from free society to buddhism, and of course, over good food with good people. Won't you come join us?

Important Info

We request those that partake to bring their own container and utensil.

Sometimes we have extras, but we like to encourage radical self reliance, plus we want to avoid doing dishes. If forgotten, we often suggest a cabbage leaf or a piece of bread as a plate, celery stick or a turnip as a spoon. It's best to bring a bowl as we often serve soup or something with a secure lid so you can take cooked food home with you. We often have tofu containers as bowls & some regulars eat off of frisbees or out of coffee containers. So, get creative!

We serve whole grains, fresh and as organic & gluten-free as possible & we're always vegan.

We rarely use anything that comes from a box or has been processed.

We'd love donations of 25lbs bags of organic whole grains, oil, vinegar, soy sauce & spices to use for our regulars!

And any food you'd like to bring down to donate for folks to take home with them at the feeds. We rarely have donated animal products, but it's not an exception. Not all of our patrons are vegan & we usually have plenty of whole wheat & gluten-free bread, produce & pastries to share at each serving for folks to take home!

We do all pick-ups/deliveries of donated & liberated food, as well as our cooked food, by bicycle (or other modes of human transport).


We are available to help with any Occupy related, or radical event!

Would you like to learn how to cook, would love to help in the kitchen or liberate food for us?

Get in touch or come to a feed & we'll fill in the rest. We have intuitive cooks, professional cooks & folks who just like to help out working with us. Want to learn how to cook using less energy & how to use a hot box? Well why aren't you here yet?!

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