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The Trimet hipster respects the ride... but only ironically. Photo by Todd Mecklem.
A hipster is a person who makes fun of hipsters.

After New York City, Portland contains the largest population of hipsters in the world.[1] Hipsters ironically love anything that was in the mainstream more than ten years ago. They sometimes genuinely love more recent things that are obscure or indie. Everything else is played out. Hipsters are "impeccably dressed, mostly white, socio-economically mid-to-upper-mid range, "arty," if not quite artistic people."[2] The phrase "Portland is where young people go to retire" would more accurately be "Portland is where hipsters go to retire."

Hipster fashion

Hipsters very seriously take their fashion and interests non-seriously. Their clothing and hair choices are all nonconformist in exactly the same way, in what may be the closest Portland has to an official uniform. Unusual beards, vintage hats, vintage clothing of any sort, overlapping layers, tacky glasses and jewelry, and ironic t-shirts are all good choices. Dive into a pile of random thrift store clothing and you will probably come out with a quirky uniform of your own!

It should however be always remembered: the people who have the most to say about hipsters invariably are hipsters themselves.[2]


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