Hit 'em where it hurts 11 01 11

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Hit 'em where it hurts, 11/1, 9am-6pm

  • Date November 1st
  • Time 9AM-6PM
  • Location Downtown Portland Bank locations

Our collective demand to stop current banking / corporate greed. Gathering downtown has been making news but corporate heads & stockholders laugh from their estates as we camp out in the rain because they know they still have our money.

They know it's a hassle to change our Direct Deposits and AutoPay/e-Pay of our bills. But it's time to hit them where it hurts - in the wallet.

Please join in closing accounts at the following banks downtown.

  • BofA @ 1001 SW 5th Ave
  • Wells Fargo @ 900 SW 5th Ave
  • Chase Bank @ 811 SW 6th Ave
  • U.S. Bank @ 900 SW 6th Ave
  • BofA 121 SW Morrison St. branch (where there's also a Wells Fargo Advisor location)
  • Wells Fargo 635 SW 6th Ave branch
  • Chase 1239 NW Couch St
  • U.S. Bank 321 SW 6th St

We would love to see people at these banks lined-up down the block and around the corner all prepared and waiting to close our accounts and switch to a local Credit Union.

USA: Find a Credit Union
CANADA: Credit Union Locator
UK: Find your Credit Union

This date is memorable and gives us all time to find a local credit union in advance and minimize our inconvenience thereby putting the impact all on the banks. Thank you.