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"Laborers' Local 483 unites with Occupy Portland. You are the hope for the future."

Laborers Local 483 (LIUNA) is a union that helps build and maintain Portland's infrastructure. This ranges from roads to waste water treatment to public facilities and more. Most of the members are in construction-based industry.

The union was founded when workers overcame adverse circumstances that included "... hostility, threats and violence..." to form in solidarity of voice to be heard.[1] (Citation to come.)

LIUNA is established in the US and Canada, with over 12 million members, and is responsible for 5% of those countries gross national product.[2] (Citation to come.)

The union recently announced that it backs the Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Together Movement.[3] Soon after, they issued a statement of unity with the Occupy Portland civil action, The Executive Board of Laborers Local 483 announces its united stand with Occupy Portland, made public on Portland Community Media.[4] (Citation to come.)

In support of Occupy Portland

The Executive Board of Laborers' Local 483 announces its united stand with Occupy Portland

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