Light For Life Vigil

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Light of Life on Black Friday: A Vigil for Peace & Goodwill


  • Date: Fri, November 25, 4pm – Sat, November 26, 10am


Housing Is A Human Right!!

Join us in a mass day of action on Black Friday to challenge the unjust consciousness of greed and excessive materialism. We will illuminate the darkness until morning by lining the outer perimeter of Pioneer Square with ourselves and candles.

  • Bring tea lights only, and bring enough for the entire night until morning (10am) - Don't forget matches or a lighter!
  • BELLS if you have them! Bring extra to share too!
  • A sign with a nonviolent message about poverty, greed, or homelessness.
  • A sponsor with a roof who can keep your things safe, bring you food/necessities, and bathroom breaks.
  • A partner to take shifts with, and or replacement
  • Warm clothes, shoes & an Umbrella
  • A warm thermos with a warm beverage & snacks.
  • Endurance & Cheer!

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