Local Candidate Forum Jan. 27th, 2012

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Local Candidate Forum


  • Date: Friday January 27th, 2012
  • Time: 5:30pm - 8pm
  • Location: Community room at People's Coop
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On Friday January 27th, 2012 the Portland Green Party, Oregon Progressive Party, and Occupy Portland participants are coming together for a local candidate forum in the community room at People's Coop.

Meet and greet starts at 5:30pm, forum begins at 6pm and goes until 8pm. Go upstairs to the Community Room.

Candidates for Portland City Council, Mayor, and Multnomah County Commissioner are invited.

Participants will be limited to thirty audience members asking questions and six candidates answering. In addition there will be one convener, two facilitators, and an Occupy media person for the live stream.

Ten spots are reserved for Occupy Portland in the audience. These will be filled on first come first serve basis but with spokes/POC given preference and the potential for this to be replaced in whole or part by representatives chosen as a result of a Spokes Council or GA decision.

The whole concept is for this forum to be a productive working conversation that not only tells us who the candidates are but also works towards positive change. It will not be a draining debate experience. This will be an energizing positive event that will hopefully lead to collaborative progressive efforts.

If this event is successful we may host several more. Contact Jorden Leonard if you would like to attend.

Other details
Prior to the forum introduction statements from the candidates will be made available online here and elsewhere, and may in paper the day of. The candidates will also receive a statement from each of our groups about what is important to us locally prior to the day of the forum.

If more than 6 candidates wish to attend then Occupy Portland will get to choose 2 of the 6. This will be a choice made by Occupy attendants unless a proposal passes through the Spokes Council or GA that would make this decision.

The goal of this forum is to help inform the groups/individuals participating about who they might like to endorse, as well as building relationships between candidates and the groups.