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Media Team Meeting noon October 9, 2011

Cari- social media editor liason from
Kevin – media tent - compromising and focus (editing, social media)
Sylvia - getting clarity on internal/ external communication
Mark- wiki, twitter,
Communication about Portland Marathon march – Adams is not marching, but his office is involved
Twitter Clarification:
OccupyPDXnews – verified, factual, strict press release style info etc/ twitter
OccupyPDX- twitter for conversation, unverifiable
No one knows anything about account: Occupy Portland
OccupyPDXmc – factual, dry
OccupyOregon - no comment
http://bitily/OccupyPortlandWiki exists
Take to Info, want to tell your story?
Clarification on many Sub-committees of Media
Web Team, Social Media Group (fb, twitter), Media Production/Indy
Media Coalition (video production), Interview, Infrastructure Liaison