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  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 25, 2011
  • Time: All day!
  • Location: Throughout the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Region!
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Announcing #OccupyChristmasPDX

On Dec. 25, we are bringing the Occupy spirit everywhere!

Host an Occupier or two, and hear from their experiences and engage in conversations and community building!

Built on the success of #OccupyThanksgivingPDX, with some twist, #OccupyChristmasPDX is a region-wide, decentralized, diversified event with two-fold goals:

  • We recognize that for many without families and/or housing, including a significant number of active Occupiers, the Christmas Day represents deprivation, major inconvenience and isolation as virtually nothing is open and they may have limited or no access to their daily necessities as well as to social interactions.
  • As a group committed to social and economic justice, we use this occasion not only to ameliorate the important needs but also to demonstrate such needs exist, and that in America, an observance of a holiday is a privilege for some.

Christmas Day is often a slow-paced day with families and friends, regardless of one's religious affiliation. We find that this would present an ideal setting for conversations and learning. We bring Occupiers to your home and neighborhood through this program, and thereby bringing the spirit and energy of the Occupy movement where people live.

While we do this on Dec. 24/25, this is a non-sectarian and interfaith project.

Neither the hosts nor the Occupiers are expected to, or required to, be Christians or participate in "traditional" Christmas activities. In fact, if you are an atheist, a secular humanist, a Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or any other non-Christian type person and will be having the Sunday off, you are more than welcome to participate in this event!

Registration deadline is now Saturday, Dec. 24 at 2 p.m.!
UPDATE (12/23 1
30PM): All sign-ups received so far are being matched. The deadline has been extended to 2PM Saturday, Dec. 24; however, you will need to be able to access email between 2 and 5 p.m. so you can contact each other to make detailed arrangements.
Please spread the word widely on
If you are involved with any committee, caucus, affinity groups or work groups, please forward this information as well! Use URL http://tinyurl.com/opdx-christmas.
To register to be part of this event, go to the online registration

Registration for Hosts who have a house and wants to invite an Occupier.

Registration for Occupiers who would like to share the Occupy spirit with a host.

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