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Occupy Eugene Community Conversation


  • Date: Monday, December 5, 2011
  • Time: 7:00pm until 9:00pm
  • Location: Harris Hall 125 East 8th Ave , Eugene, OR
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You are warmly invited to an Occupy Eugene community conversation about these questions:

  • How can we use Occupy Eugene as a springboard for community solutions?
  • What do the Occupiers have to teach us about resilience, survival, and developing supportive relationship networks?
  • What is a possible win-win outcome for Occupy Eugene and the city?
  • What needs to happen before the Dec. 15 deadline for extending the exception to the camping ordinance?

We want to include a diversity of perspectives on these questions, especially yours. The first facilitated discussion that Occupy Eugene had with the City Manager and Chief of Police brought out 100% agreement on the goal of win-win solutions. Let's build on that. This conversation will be facilitated by Chip Coker of Community Mediation Services.

If you can't be there in person, it will be streamed live over PeaceDay.tv

We now have a splendid opportunity to bring our citizens' best wisdom forth, and to build a democratic consensus for living together in harmony. Many of us have shared that we hope Eugene will be a role model for our nation. I am very confident that if we do this we will light up the world.

A second community conversation is tentatively scheduled for Monday, December 12, at the same time and place. That conversation may be rescheduled if public comment would be more fruitful at the city council meeting on the same evening. If held, the conversation will focus on the internal strengths and weaknesses of Occupy Eugene, as well as the external opportunities for change and threats to the movement.

OE Community Conversations Committee (soon to be morphed into an existing or new committee) is currently a team of people representing Occupy Eugene, Eugene City of Peace, CALC, Beyond War, WAND, and Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice.

We meet every Tuesday at 3:30 PM in the dome.

Contact person
David Hazen, innercom [at] peak.org, 541-520-6621

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