Occupy Into Action 30 October 2011

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Occupy into Action Part II, 10/30

  • Date Sunday, October 30th

Rising Tide, along with friends and allies from the Portland IWW are organizing a 2nd day of workshops focused on building critical skills needed to empower activists in the occupy movement to battle oppression and create real change in our communities and beyond.

  • Times
  1. 11am-2pm Non-Violent Direct Action
  2. 2:30-4pm Intro to Blockades & Direct Action Tactics
  3. 4-5:30pm De-constructing Hierarchies Within Activist Communities
  4. 6-7:00pm Occupy your workplace: Radical Unionism, w/ the Portland IWW

Occupy into Action II is brought to you by [www.portlandrisingtide.org Portland Rising Tide], a local group working for climate justice and against the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Please don't hesitate to RSVP @ Facebook Event Page