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Bitcoin is your money, immune to abuse by governments and banks.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital money system. In face, it is an entirely new currency unit, floating freely against dollars, euros, and yen.

Why should I care?

There is no central authority issuing or controlling bitcoin. It is not attached to any governmnet, bank, or organization, and thus it permits an advancement of human freedom and trade never before possible.

How does that work?

Bitcoin is a breakthrough in cryptographic technology, permitting the "coins" to be transferred from person to person via a peer-to-peer network. There will never be more then 21 million coins. If you understand the implications of this, head down the rabbit hole...

Supporting sites


Merchants candidates for POS bitcoin accepting

IRC Freenode, #OccupyPortland and #OperationBitcoin